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It takes all kinds of people!

Sometimes when I’m really bored I might cruise FB and see the people posting pics of themselves in the hospital. I say to each their own. I see the same people asking for help or free stuff in some of the groups. I have given charity to a lot of people because I like to see it going where it can really help. I’m not so much of a organization person. I don’t do it for a tax write off but because it’s a good thing to help others who are in a bad situation. Even if you can’t help out a lot a meal or groceries can go a long way. I know I have said it before but I’m officially done with it. At least I hope so. I have watched this woman ask almost every day for things. She has asked for coke, snacks, money, all kinds of things. I found she was using two different names. I offered her a free place to live I was giving away, it wasn’t good enough but honestly it’s a great place in a good neighborhood. She wouldn’t take it because she’s gets 1,000 a month in rental assistance. She and her husband are fully capable of working. Okay, so I offer them a job, that too was turned down. I have come to realize that there are just some people who don’t want to better themselves. I guess it’s what makes the world go round. I don’t want to look at the world with such a bad view but I can’t help it. The crime alone you see on TV today has no rhyme or reason. I have seen people punch each other in the head, just walk into stores and steal, it’s really just disgusting. Recently I have had a run in with the weirdest people ever! The husband got himself a mail order bride and he’s a raging alcoholic who treats her terribly. He came over to talk shit about my brother, he gets one free pass. After that my brother is more than capable of taking care of it. I hope for his sake he doesn’t come over drunk tomorrow. Both the husband and wife are classless trash though because some of the things they say, you just don’t say! He has jagged teeth and is short and looks like a leprechaun. The things he said were unbelievable! I almost had to clamp my mouth shut! Like I said, hopefully I don’t see him tomorrow. I still have some shipping to do but everyone should have their items by, I would say next Friday only because the mail continues to run slow! More items will be added next week. Until then, you all have a great weekend!

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If your name is here I’m doing you this afternoon. I would do you all right now but I’m waiting for others to get up. I’m up very early but not others! 😁 If your name is here I’m going you today. Byr


The Warden
The Warden
Aug 26, 2022

The only people I would help are those who start a Other than that, can't trust people in need. Even in public, at bus stops, it's the future now. We have technology now, just go and start a GoFundMe. No excuses, libraries have internet and computers. It's hard to make things up in

Dee Dee
Dee Dee
Jan 28, 2023
Replying to

I have seen people make things up on GoFundMe, I knew them. It was absolutely disgusting, especially if you knew what they were using as to why they wanted money!

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