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New items, New Coupon code

New items and coupon code! Yea!!!

These are the new items! One item I may have already advertised.  The new coupon code is good for tunnel2light, miraclesandmarvels and supernaturalsupermarket. You can use it on HauntedCuriosities and Hauntedcollector but the coupon code won’t work there. You have to ask me if I have the product before buying. Most things I have doubles of but some I don’t. So please ask and I will see if I have it and then take the discount off. The code is Save. This is good from today until June 1st and gives you 20 percent off each item. Next coupon will be for 10 percent off so get it while you can. Lawaway is accepted. Also that La Mer that tiny size runs 58.00! I think I have it for 15.00! I have a lot of new stuff going on and I’m trying to get to it. Leslie WG please pick out some stuff. Nick I did get your texts but there isn’t help for her now. I will explain later tonight. No one send donations for Angie because the only thing we can do right now is find her and get her a lawyer because obviously the one who gave her advice really screwed up!  Any donations have already been returned. Thank you all that tried to help.

Coupon code is just like this Save

Have a great day all and as I add items they go right on Hauntedcuriosities FB page.

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