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New items on M&M

All new sale items on M&M.

We are starting a project with Cash app.  If you use Cash app you will get a 20 percent discount.  If you don’t have cash app I can send you a invite which should also give you free 5.00 and I also get 5.00 free for sending it to you. This isn’t why we are pushing this though.  Our project includes the stock market.  We do take PayPal as usual and PayPal is right on all the websites.  The discount will go ALONG with any other discount we are offering at the time. So if I have a coupon out for 10 or 15 percent off and you use cash app you would also get another 20 percent off.  Discounts and sales can’t ever be applied to anything sold on EBay. This is because of how they operate payments, charges and greed! For a good example of their greed if it costs me 18.00 to ship a doll and it does. They take money even out of my shipping fees.  Due to how the payments are set up on EBay I can’t do discounts or free shipping.  Very soon I hope, Lindy will be adding onto supernatural supermarket.

We are celebrating our Asian holidays this month so look for some great Asian pieces!

If you like writing good blog posts on the paranormal send them to me and I will post them.

Here are the newest items.

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