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Power Bottle, Valiant Thor

A bottle of power that goes cellular!

Hello everyone! I have received a lot of emails about the bottle of power.  I have also got them on the Valiant Thor. I want to start with the cellular power bottles.  I will go over them and how they work and which ones you can buy as well as options and price. First though I  need to address something else.

This week alone I have texts from people that have said a lot of my work is being and has been copied. It’s easy to see whose work is being copied by simply checking my item numbers which hold dates. Also I have archives of my items.  When you buy something, anything that has been copied by another seller you are buying an empty vessel and to put it plainly, a fake or a lie. Let’s just go over haunted dolls first. They are very rare and it’s also why you don’t see me selling a lot of them. Let’s use our logic for just a moment. If you were dead and you wanted to take a body, would it be a cheap doll from Walmart? Would it be a teddy bear? Sure a few bears could be, but hundreds of them?  When you die do you want to go and stay in a graveyard among the dirt or do you go home where you may still have family?  Can a doll be haunted? Absolutely and I have had them but the testing is extreme.  Just because an animal might get curious is great but it has to come with other things.  Some movement, sounds, changes in atmosphere and in very strong cases an emergence of the full form.  There are many other things of course and you see them all or just some.  That’s just the basics.  There are other ways to communicate to a haunted piece by using pendulums and Ouija boards. The issue with Ouija boards is to completely close it out when you are done. If you don’t it’s like having an open portal for anything. Anything includes screw ups from people creating things that are half assed and dangerous, more times than not. That doesn’t even include the serious dark shit. Demons are not your friends, you can’t train them, they don’t listen and maybe for just a short time you get what you want. Then… it’s all gone and not only is it gone but you are now in danger of losing everything, life, liberty and zero happiness, love, wealth and of course your soul is already gone.  While you can get your soul back the rest will be left behind. So ask yourself, is that worth it? When you want a million dollars and you are willing to give up something to get it, you can. The problem is you don’t get to pick what or WHO you give up. Once gone you can’t get it back. You may ask if I have had my own personal experience with this and the answer is no, for myself, because I know better. I have had the experiences, multiple times of dealing with and helping those who didn’t listen and unfortunately will never listen now. I can’t help stupid people or those too greedy to listen.  Asking for wealth is not bad but asking for billions? What are you going to do with it? How much do you really need? When you can cover yourself, family and a single generation with ease and comfort, what more do you need? Asking for what you need or want is fine but going beyond logic is crazy.  Why does every djinn sold ( at least in 2007) give you millions but yet no one has it?  Is there such a thing, yes! Are they dangerous, no but again it depends not only on the Djinn but WHO is selling it!  So let’s go to Nevada. There in some trailer sits a guy who has a gambling problem. One day he hops on eBay and sees  Djinn being sold and he sees the money people are paying.  The next thing you know he’s a Djinn aficionado! Boom, he’s making money. He picked up a few terms, bought a few cheap as shit rings and sells them. You get NADA!   Djinn are from the Muslim faith and you need to have studied that. Djinn can posses you in the same way a demon can but the looks are different and the abilities are different.  I have studied what I could under a Muslim woman but then I had to get permission to study under a man because that’s also part of the Muslim faith.  Women are not allowed to read all parts of the Quran.  For me to find someone willing to teach and explain was very hard. Luckily I was able to because of a friend of mine and she’s Muslim. We became friends when she moved from NYC to NJ to work with her uncles who owned a few diners near me. I got to be very good friends with her one uncle Mustafa who came here from Turkey. They are good people and I got to know the entire family. I have known them for over 15 years now, been to their homes and helped with their love lives!  It was because of them I was able to learn about and handle Djinn. I have come face to face with the evil ones too and it’s no picnic! The good ones are fine but like anyone need to be treated with respect. I’m not trying to take business away from other sellers by posting this, to each their own. What I am tired of is hearing that many have been taken for thousands from someone who knew nothing! All you need to do is pick up a book and read, educate yourself. My beliefs may not be yours and that’s cool because it’s what makes the world go round!

Now to the Power Cellular Bottles.  First of all these are serious and it’s something I have worked on for a very long time. I started working with plants and the splicing of cells. No joke! You guys have no idea what I do in my free time. Remember I wanted to be an experimental brain surgeon. I did find that tiny magnets can do wonders when placed inside the brain, in the not so active parts. Can you imagine small grains in the pineal gland! I would get into blocks or what people call blocks but it would be to long for right now. These power bottles are half supernatural and half ancient magic mixed with conjuring, science and believe it or not sex magic.  The process is complicated and often requires who we are duplicating to be there in their human form or in a conjured form first. Again it’s very complicated. Then depending on the power you’re seeking the bottle is important. The abilities are important for you so you need to tell me who you want or what you are seeking.  The pricing depends on vessel or bottle. Most will be in bottles. The bottles can go from 200 to 4,000 depending on how old you want the magic to be.  You are always going to start at 200 but if you say I want the power to be ages upon ages old you would be looking at the higher priced version.  There is nothing wrong with the 200 version at all! Those come in new glass bottles.

The Valiant Thor items. I only have a few and the one is mine and it’s currently being tested. It’s so very unusual!!!!!! I don’t keep to many pieces but this was one of them. I will be putting it up soon. If you are wanting one of them please watch for them because when they are gone, that’s it.

So, now I have a few emails to do and I need to get some stuff on the website.

Ms.Gilligan as I call her has sent me some dolls. I will put some on that are not tested with the information I have. I will let you know if they belonged to me or not. I don’t think they do but I need to look. Olivia was mine and she had already sold on eBay. My tiny Civil war baby will go up along with all she does and has done and on and on. She’s over 200 years old so if you want her, when you see her, grab her.

We got another Egg winner today!  So two egg winners so far! I think it’s time to put more on. Good luck in that…

Have a great weekend. I will do advertising come Monday with what I put on over the weekend.

Dee Dee

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