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Rare New Items & Shipping!

These are some of the new items going on. I can only put two pictures here. More eggs will go on but if you already got one leave the rest for those who didn’t.

Shipping! All shipping will go out either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. This includes those out of the country. I didn’t forget you guys. We and the posts, multiple post offices ran out of custom labels. No, I’m not kidding! Why can’t we ship Monday? Two reasons. One I believe it’s Presidents’ Day and two three of us must take a friend to the hospital Monday morning leaving our homes at 3am! Why does it take three of you? Yeah, I hear you!  If that person gets out of the hospital after the tests they need shipping would resume Wednesday if not it would be no later than Thursday. However if they will be kept a few days I will leave on Monday and come back and ship you all out Tuesday. Again, we don’t know until Monday late afternoon. This is called life, and some of us live it. Please understand and if you don’t, …

The picture you see of the Masonic knife is over 100 years old, an antique and extremely rare. This is a magical ritual knife. I will be listing it today. On my blog post I will also show you the difference between real voodoo bones that came from both multiple countries in Africa, Jamaica and New Orleans versus ones that have been done by people and are modern. Modern doesn’t mean fake, I should rephrase that. It just means someone made them and if they fully understand Vodoun or Voodoo it’s fine but this means serious rituals and calling certain spirits to make them. I will be putting up living a living Voudon piece. That is dual magic as all Vodoun is. See you all soon!

How do you get great deals? Ask me if I have a specific item. Most times I can answer off the top of my head, other times I have to look. Why do you get a deal? Very simply, I don't have to type it up! I just sold a Djinn that is extremely rare and they got a 800 or 1,300 discount. I told them about it by text and how to use it. To me, that's worth a discount! Good luck to you all in searching for the eggs!

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We are shipping today. Including those out of the country! Frank, you ship tomorrow because I have to pick up the two items you had custom done. All your items will ship together. If anyone paid stuff

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Sigh... If princess diana was alive today honestly maybe the country in UK would've turned out better heck she might've ended up queen

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Heh at least your post offices haven't been on strike since I think still goes on not last December the December 2022 spontaneously and ironically the government in UK passed a law that if strikes reach a certain noise level they can summon authorities to break it up (which defeats the purpose of strikes to create awareness which they label as "noise")

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18 feb
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Maybe Charles had gotten cancer as punishment for sending Depleted Uranium ammo to Ukraine? There is an International Chemical Weapons Treaty ban & NATO is in violation of that. The results of their carpet bombing attack on Yugoslavia was devastating : birth defects, cancer of the survivors & thousands of deaths of those who didn't.

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