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Shipping and new items

Today we are still shipping, Lindy is shipping today. I’m adding stuff on right now and shipping. We are sorry for the delay but we had two vet trips for two cats and I have gotten a terrible virus which apparently is hitting everyone. It’s given me a ton of time to test items and play with them that’s for sure! You will find the new items advertised tonight but they are going on right after this is sent. I hope you all had a good holiday. Please be aware I’m a human and my cats think I’m a hooman! This means, crap happens! We are shipping as fast as we can with other staff down right now. When I send out advertising tonight there will be other information as well as links in it. If you see something that says for whoever only, don’t buy it, that’s for someone who requested a certain piece or pieces. Thank you all,

Dee Dee

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