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Shipping, eBay & coupon

We are shipping today! All packages go out Wednesday. The coupon code is still good until March 23rd. The coupon code is SaintPatrick7 just as you see it.  On eBay we have cash cats which are not described as that. They are starting at 99 cents. These are old vintage cats that are signed and by Fenton. I will add three to the website.  I have kept these cats forever and put some on eBay last year but those were not supernatural, these are. Also if you have an order in at the time you win one of these you will be refunded the shipping fee on the cats.  On the website if you want anything, we are shipping today.  Good luck if you bid on eBay the user ID is 2piratesbringutreasure

Also check out those 45 mystery boxes! You don't want to miss them. BUT they are unusual paranormal abilities and powers.

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Shipping, Coupon, Testing

We are shipping today. Including those out of the country! Frank, you ship tomorrow because I have to pick up the two items you had custom done. All your items will ship together. If anyone paid stuff


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