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These just added!

Five new items added.  Shipping will take place Tuesday the 11th so if you’re out of the country it gives you time to get your orders together.  Usually we do ship much faster but I explained in a previous email what was going on.  I hope those that celebrate have a great July 4th!

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If your name is here I’m doing you this afternoon. I would do you all right now but I’m waiting for others to get up. I’m up very early but not others! 😁 If your name is here I’m going you today. Byr


Jul 06, 2023

The enchanted love ring was such a sad tale. Why did he immolate himself into the ring, if he could have just married & shared a lifetime with Eliza? Stevie & Finn loved one another in the physical life and he didn't drink from her.


Jul 04, 2023

The AI & Bohemian Grove story was creepy. There have been stories & photographic evidence about it for years.

The human sized serpent brings two of your old stories to mind 1) When you went on the Epstein Island investigation & said you spiritually encountered a 2-headed snake man which was summoned for an immortality club ritual with both a human head & a snake head and 2) the underground auction where a human headed snake man was inside a tank, which would grant desires as long as it was fed a human as a meal.

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