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Spirit Cash & Communication

Spirit Cash & Communication.

I had a question recently about can spirits drop cash or bring you a lot of cash. The short answer is no.  I have received coins out of the air, dimes, quarters, pennies and nickels. These are not to give you wealth but usually signs, messages or warnings. Lindy had a handful of nickels thrown at her one time hard! This was telling her to get out! When she left and got on the highway she saw all of her cars that were stolen on a flatbed truck!  The guy who was a nasty um, person, I got him and I got him good! This is when dual magic comes in handy with no repercussions or Karma. Not to get off track but avoiding Karma is important and you don’t get a hit back when protecting yourself.

Sports that do bring cash, yes some do. There are a lot of them actually. It’s just that it isn’t going to fall from the sky in any significance. These types of spirits bring it to you in other ways. They help you win money, unforeseen money, through luck or things falling into your lap. This is the same with Djinn. They bring the wealth in various ways. It could even be a friend just giving it to you or again by winning it, inheriting it, multiple ways you can’t even think of.  On the Djinn, you HAVE to be nice, respectful to them. While the good ones love humans you have to understand they are like us! They have free will, families, get married and even party! So if you demand from them or treat them bad it’s just not going to go well. Also when buying a Djinn ask if they have a family. They should come with your djinn. How can you keep a Djinn happy is their family is away from them? Angels are much different, they don’t have families.  Common sense and logic should always be used when you are serious about the supernatural. While some things are hard to believe and I often shake my own head, I have seen way too much to discount anything!

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When I use to see spirits at will, a goddess that watches me noticed how heart broken I was and looked at me with great concern. It felt very human, almost as if she knows how bad it is to be betrayed by a loved one. She appeared through my room mirror. Oh and I can now only see spirits when I am extremely sad or extremely happy. I hope my guardians don't feel ignored because of my "handicap". I do know when they are trying to communicate. Either through ringing in the ears or moving objects in a different location than when originally placed. Car keys are off limits, I made that clear to them.

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I wonder about my djinn sometimes where they stand with their view of me as a person when it comes to my flaws and good impressions.

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