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The Truth?

The Truth Is Out Now!

Most recently, we are learning about over 1500 pages of information in regards to UFO activity and Aliens, that were released due to the Freedom of Information Act. If it was just the release of over a thousand pages of reports and information, not to mention how much information has been redacted, that would be one thing, easily argued. However, we also have a high ranking individual who has come forth and admitted UFOs are real.

Within these pages lay the truth as told by many Americans and others around the world. The fact that they had been abducted. However, they were not just abducted, many were left with radiation burns, some with brain damage, and others with nerve damage. There are even some reports of pregnant females after being abducted.

Granted the memo that came from the Defense Intelligence Agency is not the definitive proof that we seek from the Government. It also does not prove life exists on other planets. However, the world is a step closer to the full truth. Within the released pages there are documents pertaining to the burns, the nerve damage and also some in regards to pregnancies.

There is also information that pertains to an Organization we are just learning about that ran from 2007 through 2012, this was called AATIP, Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Process. We learned of this programming beginning back in 2017. Luis Elizonda retired from the former program and the Pentagon. After doing so, he proceeded to show videos of unidentified objects that were flying in ways the United States is unable to obtain in maneuvering their airplanes or other crafts.

In 2019, the United States Government released and confirmed that videos they were releasing were theirs and they did show US Navy Pilots attempting to catch up to these objects. The objects were flying in near impossible maneuvers that our troops are not capable of. These encounters took place during 2004 and also in 2015. Ultimately, it is left as unidentified since they could not determine what these objects were.

Most recently, the Department of Defense put some information on their website, without making it known. This statement, “The other thing is, we’ve just got a lot more evidence, that was not the case previously. We always knew that pilots saw these things, but with the Department of Defense placing pictures on their site, makes it more believable.” Nick Pope has made his stance known publicly, he is a journalist, he previously worked at the British Governments UFO Program. He says that he now believes that the chances of finding out what these things are, the odds are even better.

Within these 1500 pages that were released, are at least 42 medical case files. The issues range from severe burns, presumably radiation burns. Along with the burn injuries are also other injuries that were purported to stem from electromagnetic radiation. The reports showed that some of these appeared to be inflicted through the use of a high propulsion system. Other cases of note are the brain damage, severe nerve damage which are both debilitating. Some abductees have reported heart palpitations, headaches and many other issues stemming from these anomalous objects.

This report also states that there are inclusions of supposed biological effects on the witnesses between 1873 and 1994. That is a whole lot of years of withholding information from the constituents that vote for these people.

In November of 2021, the United States Government did promise to look deeper into the possibilities of UFO and alien beings. That sounds quite odd when the Department of Defense is posting pictures of these objects. There were approximately 143 videos from the Navy and the Air Force that they were planning on viewing.

A group has been put together to handle this task. The name is quite long, and this makes it understandable that they are calling it ‘X-Files”. What is the obnoxious large name for this? ‘Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group.’

One of the most famous stories pertaining to UFOs by a couple that did not keep it quiet, was back in 1961. Barney and Betty Hill, driving home one night and had an experience they never forgot. They never could. The Government basically called them liars. None of what either Barney and Betty Hill reported was taken as serious.

That night, their drive seemed to take extra long, they did not reach home until dawn. Strange things were noticed, one was that Betty’s dress was ripped. Barney’s shoes were scuffed, which was odd for Barney, both their watches had stopped working. But, mostly they felt dirty.

That drive did take longer, two whole hours longer than they normally take. But, that did not make sense. With the help of Psychiatric Therapy, they remembered they had been abducted by the bright light that had been following them.

Earlier I mentioned the Freedom of Information Act that allowed ‘The Sun” publishing to obtain these 1500 pages of documents pertaining to UFOs. Included in the list of issues experienced during or after the alien abduction also include:

Nose bleeds, headaches, heart palpitations, hair loss and nightmares. Also included in this report was “Apparent Abduction- Unaccounted for pregnancy”. In reality, those papers contained 5 reports from witnesses reporting sexual encounters, and apparent pregnancy. (To note, I searched for more details in regards to the sexual encounters and especially the pregnancy, no information could be located).

It does no good for any Government to hide the facts from people. The truth is out there, too many have witnessed flying objects that cannot be explained. Too many reports, similar reports by separate people years or decades apart.

One report listed in these files stated that there was a possibility to use the medical information obtained to reverse engineer the inhabitants of the UFOs. These objects from an unknown provenance, could be a threat to the country, they may be a threat to the United States interests.

In closing, the following statement was also released with the 1500 pages of information: “Classified information exists that is highly pertinent to the subject of this study and only a small part of the classified literature has been released".

This is not over, we will find out more!

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