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The Wealth Rings

Hello Everyone!

We have been off for a while due to many things. It’s summer so we do have investigations that are out of state. We had people come in that got some virus and spread it! Thankfully not Covid but a bad stomach bug. We had a person we had to help out on a short notice. We are now back to it.

For new buyers, please read the shipping policy.  Here’s a really good example for you K. Jackson who is not new. When you order on a Monday, it won’t be there on Tuesday. This is why your emails sent every 2 minutes are not answered.

If you are seeing rings sold called the millionaire, Billionaire or Trillions ring for 89.00, pass on it.  If such a thing existed I would have offered it to you. You wouldn’t pay 89.00 for it. That seller on eBay will be long gone before you can leave a legitimate feedback. They will also be the cause when eBay shuts down the metaphysical category again. They are also one of the reasons eBay has such a bad name for sellers. When I sell on there it’s to give my buyers a good deal and almost 90 percent of the time I pull it off the website.

Use your brain when buying. Things like, I want to help the world because I’m all about love. Buy a few and try to get your money back. Watch the love flow then.  I have many customers and done get mad because they will ask me if a certain item will do this or that and if it won’t I do tell them. Also sometimes there are people who only want money, that’s it! They are the most greedy people I have come to know and with those people nothing works. I’m not talking about those who need money or want it for a better life. I’m talking about pure greed, soulless people who like to act wealthy. If that’s you, just get out now. The supernatural is a much deeper thing than you can imagine.  Every single person I know who has genuinely wanted to help a person or people has gained everything, including money. I’m not saying you need to do that but you can’t be soulless, greedy and a total asshole. It just doesn’t work.

I have done some rings that will be 50 and I think my coupon is still good. If not let me know. These rings I can’t guarantee will bring you a million or billions but they will increase the flow of wealth and luck. I can also tell you the more you work with them the stronger they get.  I will be posting today how to meditate in the blog section of you may do it anyway you like but pick one of them. They were typed up just for working with wealth items.

As most of you know for some inflation is hitting hard, times can be tough. Don’t give away your money on a piece of metal and a crazy promise. In the last 30 days alone I turned down two sales. One for 5,000 and one for 25,000 or 28,000 I forget how much that one is.  I don’t expect those people to post on the blog or come forward but I’m telling you it’s true.  One guy wanted to be able to fly physically to save a dying person across the globe. I told him the piece he was asking about wouldn’t work.  He came back and told me a seller told him they had one that would work. Well of course it didn’t. It didn’t because we weren’t talking about astral travel but about physical flapping of his arms and flying like Superman. I can’t make this up. Unfortunately he is now broke and his friend is dead and he paid using cash app. Game over.

On the Bishops ring. It’s about to be available come the next 5 days, maybe. If it is you will see me advertising it.

I hope you all have a great summer and take a look at what I’m putting on. Some items will go on today.

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Jun 30, 2023

I was wondering what happened to you! I tried to contact you repeatedly & never heard back from you Dee Dee, which was unusual. Glad to hear you are okay!

When you get a chance, I need instructions for a recent purchase from Haunted Curiosities.

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