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Wild Roaming Dick-A-Heads

Telling The Truth, Gets You Tossed!

Every psychic medium or even just a psychic does things differently. It’s not that they want to all be different, it’s just that various ways open up for each of us.

Recently I was tossed from a forum and a Facebook group because of my comments. None of the comments I posted were nasty or mean, just truthful. You see there is this disgusting, disgraceful predator of grief who lies for money. He’s the type who will take your money and say he will cure your wife’s cancer. You guys remember that seller right? This guy says he invented a spirit box that speaks to him. He says he can call up the dead so he can give you messages. I learned he sells subscriptions to grieving families. I’m not saying you can’t use frequencies to hear, you can. But and there is a HUGE but!

I’m going to tell you exactly how to spot a fake medium. If you listen to me and follow this advice, you will always pick the real medium.

I am a psychic medium. I can connect to the dead. I have done this since I was born. In fact when I was born I thought it was normal. This is why I say those shows with the children who see spirits and are scared, are fake. When you are born like that, it’s normal. You wouldn’t be afraid. You also instinctively know how to rid a dark spirit away.

One of the things a fake reader or medium will do is ask if they are getting warmer. Why ask? Don’t you already know? They will also ask you what you want to know. Why do that? Just give the reading. The only thing I need to do is ask their name at the time of the reading. I sometimes ask a birthdate but that’s it. I will never ask questions about their life. I only allow them to talk about mundane things, the weather, maybe what they ate that day, what’s in the news. Just nothing that will tell me anything about them. The reason I have them talk is I need to hear the voice. The voice carries an energy that opens up my third eye so I can look into them and past them. This is what I do when giving a card reading. However I’m not a card reader, I’m a medium. Doing the cards is my pathway to communication with the dead. It’s also a pathway to seeing through time into the future. Those readings tell you what you want to know and sometimes what you don’t. If giving a reading and I see something that’s not good I do have the ability to change it with the help of who I’m reading for. That’s to long to get into so I won’t. What no medium can do is straight up call up the recently dead if they don’t know them.

This brings me to the disgusting pig saying he was speaking to Gabby Petito. I’m going to be very clear about this. You see Gabby would never speak to him through a box or otherwise, she didn’t know him. That’s not always the case though. A spirit will communicate with you like that if and only if they know you can personally speak to their family. If he was a friend of the family she would have. The spirits know and are very aware of who can see and hear them. Even with that if the medium can’t get a hold of the person the spirit wants to speak to they won’t speak to the medium. There is no point in it.

Here’s an example. Let’s say some famous celebrity just dies. Will they speak to me because they have a message for a loved one or family member? No! They know I can’t get to the family. There is no point.

What this disgusting pig was doing was not only disrespectful but he was lying to make a buck! He didn’t care that this family was distraught over their daughter missing! Hell no! He was riding the wave if popularity! He’s scum! He thrives on the grief of others knowing they will spend money to get answers. My questions to him were, did you contact the family? Of course he didn’t! Most importantly when going to a medium or viewing these pigs ask yourself if what your hearing is logical! As it is I and others must say for entertainment purposes, we have no scientific proof! I know what I do is real but I can only prove it one person at a time. While I may prove it to you, there are millions out there I haven’t proven it to.

Using logic. If the person has asked you a million questions… come on now! If they person uses pictures, example, they say they are seeing a rose or the letter, whatever. That’s all bullshit. It’s not done like that. I see clear images, I see clear faces. I get clear information. What I can’t get is location from images. That’s because I usually don’t live in the area. So I don’t always know what I’m looking at.

A new spirit sometimes, more often than not has a big problem speaking. That doesn’t stop them from clear communication though. They will provide a movie in your head and you watch it. They will show you specific things and in their own way of speaking tell you specific things. They will ALWAYS tell you something strange that you as the medium can’t know. You can’t look it up, you can’t google it, it would be impossible for you to know, period! Sometimes it’s something stupid and sometimes it’s a family secret. The reason for this is one reason only, SO YOU BELIEVE THE MEDIUM!!! If you don’t believe then the message they are trying to give you is lost. This brings me to the disgusting pig. At the time of his so called communication with her she hadn’t been located. Even at that time there was more than an 90 percent chance she was murdered. So he used that. He said she was saying she was murdered. He said she was working out of a van. These are all the things we already knew. Where were the things to make us believe, you know like the obvious. Where was her body? Also where was Brian, how was she killed? None of those things were told because he never was speaking to her. Let’s use our logic again. Put those brain caps on because here we go!

Let’s say you are dead. Boom! You are gone! You went out to the store and someone grabbed you and killed you. Horrible I know but I have to get you thinking.

So you are dead. You haven’t fully passed to the other side yet. You are scared. You don’t understand why this happened, hell you just now figured out you are dead! Where do you go? Do you run to a strangers house? Do you wait for the call of a wild Dick-a-head who claims he’s a psychic medium? The species of wild Dick-a-heads are abundant and they roam wild and free. Their main food source are grieving people. Don’t be a food source! Like I said, your dead. You are going to go to the person you loved the most. You will try to make contact, most times you won’t be fully successful. Instead you appear in what the living thinks is a dream, except it’s not. You become happy with that. What sounds more logical? Me or the wild roaming free Dick-a-head? I think you know.

Right now you are wondering how do they get to a medium? It’s easy. Since I know the spirits stay around for a while I tell the living to address an envelope to me with a picture of the dead inside. I tell them leave it on the table overnight and mail it the next day. Leaving it a few days is even better. The spirit see’s my address and knows what I do. They come to me and they make damn sure they tell me something I couldn’t know. They will get detailed too. There is no letters or roses, no BS. I’m going to tell you something else that’s important too. There was only one time in my life when I saw a new spirit more than once. This doesn’t count those spirits who don’t or won’t or can’t move on. That’s an entirely different story.

I saw a friends family member twice. The first time she came to me she looked in her 30’s. Usually that is the case. Usually but not all the time. When she came to me I could hear her inside my head and in my ears. She took my head and turned it and I couldn’t move it. I then began to watch a movie and in it were things I couldn’t know, ever, never, short of a miracle. She told me also of a family lawyer and showed me a fucked up person speaking fucked up things. I relayed the messages and every single one of them were accurate. The next time I saw her was when her son died of cancer that Monsanto gave him. They did met up in the afterlife. If you are wondering if you see your family, you do. Her son was there to give me a message to pass to his one daughter. I gave it to her but she didn’t listen. That doesn’t matter what does is I saw her again. He was standing by my bed in full form and she was behind him. I could only see her from the waist up. She had fully moved on but at that time he hadn’t. He got mad at her and told her it was his time not hers. They always kind of argued in life so it was nothing new. They got along in that way. He said what he had to say and then she got her words in too! She was always stubborn as I was told. She showed me something to tell her daughter. It was very detailed and so far all those details have proven true. What she was saying at the time you wouldn’t believe but the spirits always know! You see again we are talking about details not generalities.

One of the most horrible or two I should say, were murder victims. Years ago living in Ocean City, New Jersey I was stalked. It went on for months until I was almost kidnapped. No lie! This is why you have to be observant and careful. The world is full of weirdos! One time I even had a serial killer in my car but he was afraid of me. Lindy was there and she was scared but I looked at him dead in the eyes and let him know I was the wrong one! I know you wondering how I knew. It’s a long story. I think I will put up a post where you can all add your own stories!

The stalking started over my car. I was driving a done up 67 Camaro. The engine was done, hood locks and it was fast! I had nitrous, and a rear from a corvette, slap stick in the center. I like fast cars! Not new ones though, I like the classics. One day I get a call and the guy on the other end asks me if my car is for sale. I tell him no. He then asks me about my King Cobra which was having work done on it. I tell him no. He says okay. I few days go by and I get a call from a photographer saying he wants to practice pictures using me. I said no. A few more days go by and I get a call from a guy saying he’s doing his thesis and could he ask me questions. I said sure. I was waiting for something in the oven so I had time. The first three questions were normal and then they weren’t! The one thing I noticed was in all three calls the voices were somewhat the same. The photographer was supposedly a woman but I knew better and just didn’t say anything. I also want to tell you that she said she/ he lived next door to the Ocean City fire department. That’s important to know. During the next two weeks I noticed a blue van sitting outside the house. While you guys are reading this pay close attention to it. I would love your input on what you think about it.

For two weeks this blue van is outside my house. I can see them looking in the window. I had a big kitchen table right next to the bay window. In the van was a white guy driving and he had long dark hair. He was very thin and tall. The passenger was a black guy a lot younger and he looked a little challenged. I know you’re wondering how I know he’s thin and tall. I will get to that.

My ex, the Deflated Pumpkin Head Private Part Scratcher and I go to the store. The day was going great, not really because in the store I ran into Soft-Shell. Most of you know who the ex is but Soft-Shell is a guy who would piss be off because he wasn’t that smart. Because of his idiot behavior I named him Soft-Shell. It’s better than being named 5 Toes Stink Bag. That’s another person. My ex was a soda drinker and I would buy it for him as long as he kept it in his car and didn’t let the kids see it. I only let them have it once a week on Friday night with dinner. While I was in the soda aisle getting his fix I notice this guy standing next to me. No biggie. Then my ex walked around the corner to the next aisle. It was then the stranger spoke. I will never forget that day or the ones to come. The stranger said to me, you know the store brand is just as good as the name brand. I told him I didn’t care because I didn’t drink it that I preferred unsweetened green Kool-aid. He spoke again asking me if I was a black person!! What does that even mean? I guess black people love Kool-Aid? Well apparently so do I! He kept talking and all of a sudden the hair went up on my arms. I KNEW THAT VOICE!!! This was the voice of the woman photographer, this was the voice of the guy calling about my car and this was the voice of the so called shrink doing a thesis! I walked off and told my ex to get the baby to the car and go check on his mother. I took the stuff up to the check out. In front of me was the white guy who checked out and then sat in the chairs by the window. I turned an who walks up behind me? The black guy who wasn’t really challenged, he just looked that way. So one in front of me and one behind me. I paid and walked out. The white gut when I got my cart out of the store grabbed my cart away and the black guy ran out and jumped into the van after opening the back door. They wanted to shove me in the van. You see they didn’t know my ex was with me. He ran over, I shoved the cart into his legs and we called the police. They came out and took a report. Remember I told you the photographer said he/she lived near the fire department? Once my ex ran after them his mother and I wrote down the tag number. We turned it into the police but of course we never heard anything back from them. A week later Mark Himebaugh went missing. The news said he went to see a fire down the road. Various firefighters should up along with a van seen in the area. At that time I was 9 years older than him. With the reports of the van I called into Cape May county to tell them to look up the report I gave them with the tag number. Of course, they didn’t. Years later I told them again, of course yet again no one looked into it. I know who took that kid. On top of that one night I sat straight up. The kid was telling me to try again, I did. What’s very unfortunate is that a psychic got involved and they were a fraud. This wrecked it for anyone real who could have helped the family. I saw Mark in a NY apartment and it wasn’t good. I never had another phone call from the weirdos or saw them again. You see, they accomplished, they kidnapped and murdered someone like they planned. I couldn’t tell the police and I couldn’t tell the family. I tried but the father will not hear anything from a psychic and honestly, who can blame him? I don’t understand why I had the psychic connection to him unless it was because I had contact with his murderers? If you guys have any ideas let me know. That is one case I can’t get out of my head. It’s as if it won’t go away until it’s solved.

The other murder involved a customer who came to me for a reading. She wanted the reading for her friend who’s daughter was missing. They had gone to some high priced psychics to be told it was a few thousand. She was well known and just another liar praying on others grief. Her son would do it for half price she told them. They didn’t have any money which was also why the police wouldn’t look for the girl. I began my reading and the only thing I knew was that she was missing and the woman told me she ran away all the time. I laid out the cards and by the time I was done I was no longer looking at them. I saw a trailer and a little red car parked in front of it. The trailer was in the woods away from other people. The next thing I saw was three people dragging a girl out of the trailer. One white girl, one white guy and one black guy. The girl they were dragging out was screaming. They drove her to the woods near some lake and beat her to death. She was very near the water and I looked down on her as it was like I was floating. I tried to look around to see where I was. I tried to get the name of the lake or road it was off of but my body kept focusing on the dead body of the girl. Soon I was back sitting in my chair trying to figure out what to say. I knew she was murdered and I saw who did it. I could even focus in on the tag. This lady told me to call the mother with anything I saw. I told the lady the girl probably ran away but I did know better. I wasn’t about to call a mother and tell her that her child was dead. No matter what I did this wasn’t going to end up well. Today I regret I lied but when I think about it, wouldn’t telling have been worse? I don’t know. What I do know is there are many Dick-A-Heads taking advantage of grieving people.

Speaking of that disgusting pig, he sells subscriptions to people and then gives messages from the dead. I honestly think the people want to be ignorant! They don’t realize that the more he talks to them the more he learns and uses it to keep them on the line. It’s disgraceful and he will pay for it. Karma does exist. On the forum I told this lady that who was paying for a subscription. I explained her son wasn’t coming around. Once her son spoke to her, he moved on, it’s what they do. I do know her son moved on by the things she said. I then posted how speaking to the dead really worked like I did here and was banned. If what I was saying wasn’t true, why didn’t they comment or reply? No, they removed my comments because they would have lost customers for which they were preying on. It seems the more dishonest you are the more popular you become, in some cases.

The bottom line, use your head. While some things are inexplainable, others only require logic.

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Joana R.
Joana R.
Nov 17, 2021

What's it called when a medium discourages a person from seeking councilors in order to prevent them from losing clients? Say they are legitimate mediums, do they do this to prevent the client from actually healing their addictions, losses, or becoming stronger? Possibly afraid that their client will get mental help and no longer need cleanings? I mean how long does it take for positive energy to physically influence the client? Would it be faster by physically seeking a mental doctor or a real psychic?

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