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Your Astral Body & Relationships.

Your Astral Body, Relationships, and Energetic Cords

You are only aware of your physical body and the life you experience through your five senses. What you see, feel, hear, taste, and smell around you is just one aspect of your existence. You exist throughout the different dimensions, realms, and timelines in a variation of who you are. The physical body you exist in isn't your only body. Everyone has an astral body. Your astral body that is made up of less dense energy, almost like an airy reflection of your physical being. The astral body is connected to your emotions and experiences the true depths and peaks that your emotions carry. Emotions, thoughts, and choices all connect you to people and things energetically. So, in the astral realm your body will seemingly have connections all throughout the different dimensions.

In a relationship, you and your partner's astral bodies will interact with each other much differently than you do on this physical plane. When you are both in love, the experience will be unimaginable to your conscious mind in the astral world. The connection and flow of energy may be so powerful that the passion, love, and excitement could feel as powerful as the sun. Your relationships in the astral realms are much more fluid and energetic. When you feel a connection to someone astrally, you may see their energy actually being connected through their heart space. When you think of a lover, your astral body is creating an etheric connection, which is an energetic cord, to that person. Anyone that you've held close in your life will be connected to you through many energetic cords. When you become immersed with someone's energy, you are affected by each other's energies because you are connected in the astral realm. This is true, even if you no longer live in the same location. If you've ever thought of someone and suddenly you received a message or a call from them, this is because, on the astral plane, the energy of your thought was transferred into their mind and inspired them to connect to you.

Relationships are much more complex than how our physical reality describes them. It's important to keep your energy protected and prevent yourself from being too intertwined in anyone else's energy fields. Even once a relationship has ended, you may feel the energetic presence of your past partner because of the connection you still have to them in the astral plane. There are ways to remove etheric connections from someone, which can be done using the physical body. Since your physical body and astral body are extensions of the same being, when you act upon one body, you act upon the other. Cleansing your body with sage and palo santo can help remove any lingering energies of anyone or anything. This helps you have a clean slate of energy, but it's up to you not to allow yourself to reconnect to that person or thing. Cleansing your energy with crystals also works by absorbing any energy that is not your own. Taking salt baths purifies your energy field as well. There are ways that you can remove the astral connection you have to another person, no matter how long they have been in your life. Even for someone who is currently in your life, it's important not to allow yourself to stay too connected to their energy. Cleanse yourself regularly, and consciously refrain from investing too much of your energy into anyone or anything that is external to yourself.

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