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12 Spells of Lunestra

12 Spells of Lunestra

SKU: 8242103


This piece was created by a witch who calls herself Lunestra. She is a lunar witch of the Dianic Order and she is about 400 years old. She has been taught from a very young age how to harness the powers of the moon, whether it be the energies of a full moon or a crescent. Each positioning of the moon hides a different type of energy and a different type of magic. Lunestra is an expert of them all. Again, she is the mastermind behind this piece.

There are 12 links on this bracelet and each one of them contains lunar magic. The spirit of Lunestra is tied to this piece. What you are responsible for doing is naming the magic that each of the 12 links will bring you. You will do this by holding each link between your thumb and your forefinger. You will then think in your mind which type of magical power or ability you would like each individual link to hold. (i.e. love, wealth, fertility, sex magic psychic healing, etc.) Lunestra will then grant that power to you.

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