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13 Crystal Serpents

13 Crystal Serpents

SKU: 8132150


This is a very unique item. What I mean is that the powers in this piece are unique. The item is dazzling. It is a sterling silver ring with a very sizable stone, but really its the power in this piece that sets it apart from the rest. That’s because it holds the powers of the Thirteen Crystal Serpents of Infinity.

You have probably never heard of the Serpents of Infinity before and if you have you know exactly how powerful they are. They are the Thirteen Serpents that guard the 13 Ages of Existence. The Ages of Existence are ages that the universe has passed through and will pass through. We are currently on the 3 Ag of Existence and our universe is already billions of years old.

The Thirteen Serpents are in Crystal form and are hidden in a place called the Crystal Cave of Convergence. This Crystal Cave is hidden somewhere in South America and is only visible to mortals that have received a special awakening. This cave is even invisible to immortals, including gods and goddesses that don’t have a special awakening to be able to see the cave. It is preserved by a group of timeless beings that are called the Time Walkers. They are the ones that feed the Crystal Serpents., each of which will birth one of the Thirteen Ages of Existence. Three have already birthed an age of existence because we are in the third. There are still ten ore to come.

Once all Thirteen of the Ages have been birthed, then all the ages will exist as one. Ancient Atlantis will exist alongside present-day New York. the Sumerians will exist alongside Nazi Germany. Every time period that has come to pass, not just in one age, but in all thirteen ages will exist as one age called the Age of the Immortal. It is like the grand finale at the fireworks.

The guardians of all these ages and times are the Crystal Serpents. These Serpents of knowledge hold an entire age within their body. This ring holds the spiritual essence of each one of the thirteen crystal serpents. When you wear the ring, it allows you to travel throughout the Thirteen Ages of Existence. You will be able to experience alternate existence in the thirteen ages. You will also e able to collect magic and wisdom fro the thirteen ages that will be held in this ring for you.

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