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1738 The True Nature If Reality

1738 The True Nature If Reality

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1738 The True Nature of Reality.

In 1738 the Pope banned the Masons. He didn’t want Catholics taking any secret oaths that he felt were more powerful than what he offered. Catholics were not allowed to join or even help them in anyway. While the Masons do have some heavy duty magic you learn as you move up the ladder nothing compares to the secret main group. The most hidden secret society is the Oculists group. It took over 269 years to crack their code and read what they were trying to teach. The Masons were the out there group but deeply hidden laid the Oculists. Once a member was picked from the Masons to move up to the Oculists they were taken to a hidden ritual room. This is where what you can’t see becomes seen. It was so important that not everyone knows this,that the language was encrypted. This language took over 269 years to figure out. Finally it was cracked by artificial intelligence. The ritual took the decided upon member and gave them a paper to read. They of course couldn’t read it. They then began a fake operation of the eye. This was just a plucking of an eyebrow. The paper was given back to them and this time they could read it. This ritual opened their eyes to the true natural of reality. They could now see what others could not. This was if a dark curtain was lifted and all the unseen was there. Angels and demons, other times both past and present. The dead and those living in all other dimensions. EVERYTHING, all unseen could now be seen. This includes the heaven above and the dark pit below. This includes the true face of God and the real physical look of Satan. There is nothing unseen. Along with nothing unseen is nothing not understood. It’s interesting how during certain times the hidden is revealed. This piece has been through the ritual. This is a piece that gets passed down to bloodlines. Picking up this piece is putting back together a complex puzzle. The unseen also and always includes the true intentions of those in control. All hidden assets are yours to use and obtain no matter what they are. Sterling silver and real stones. Rare piece!

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