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5 Remnants of the Most Divine

5 Remnants of the Most Divine

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Sometimes you have to be careful about testing a piece, especially if they open doors to other places.  I was alone one night and I was testing a piece that allowed me to open portals.  I found a portal that opened to Heaven.  You might be wondering why I needed one because I travel to heaven all the time.  Heaven is a great expanse and layered existence.  You could live there an eternity and not know all the secrets and secret pockets of existence that arise.  So, when I have a chance to use a different portal to heaven, I take it.  You never know what is going to happen.  

In this case, I ended up not traveling at all.  On the contrary, when I opened the portal.  When I did, out stepped a stately-looking angel.  The angel didn't have a name, at least not a name it cared to share with me.  It took me a second to realize what I was dealing with, which was something called a Remnant Angel.  These angels, for lack of a better term, are wisdom angels.  They are angels that carry gifts with them that they give to those who find them.  I haven't figured out why they exist.  The best thing I can come up with is that God leaves them around as a way to reward those that seek the truth or to spread his knowledge throughout the universe.  

Either way, the portal I opened led to a remnant angel.  This remnant angel wasted no time in getting to work.  I'll be honest the manifestation of this piece was a little painful.  I was trying to get a telepathic vibe on the remnant angel when I felt a buildup of pressure on the bottom part of my eye.  The next thing I know, I cried a full stone.  Then came another.  Finally a third.  A fourth came and then lastly a fifth.  I caught them in my hand.  

As soon as the process was overall pain ceased and never came back, so it was worth it.  As soon as the stones had passed, I noticed that they were emeralds.  The Remnant Angel picked them up out of my hands.  Holding them in mid-air, the angel held out both of its hands.  They made a swirling motion and the stones became a blur.  When the swirling ended, the angel held the piece we are offering you.  

There are five emeralds on this and real diamonds.  Each of the Emeralds holds a remnant of power, magic, or knowledge.  Hence, the name Remnant Angel.  The ring itself is 14k gold.  It is an extremely beautiful piece, but allow me to also bedazzle you with the remnants of power that the angel placed into this ring.  It is a five-in-one piece because you will be receiving 5 separate, powerful remnants.  They are listed below:  

1.)  Throne of God.  This remnant holds and restores the Throne of God for you.  With this remnant, you will be able to travel to heaven for the purpose of sitting upon the Throne of God.  This will allow you to see the universe as he sees it.  There are entire lifetimes written about in the Bible and that's only a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of what exists in reality and the universe.  God knows it all because he created all.  When you sit in the Throne of God you will be able to peer out into society and see through the Eye of God.  Sacred Geometry and Numerology will be given to you.  You will receive the genetic codes for humankind with the ability to change your life in any way that you see fit.  You will be able to see out into reality to see any day, place, or time that you want to see.  These points in time will become part of you, including any powers or abilities associated with them.  

2.)  The Christ Consciousness.  This is the true existence of Jesus Christ.  It is his spiritual existence and it will be delivered to you.  This will give you the bloodline of Christ.  It will give you his white-light magical powers, the ability to command angels, and the ability to grant miracles.  It will give you all of Christ's knowledge, including the knowledge that he acquired while hear on Earth during the "lost years."  This includes many magical powers from througout the world.  It will also give you a connection to the other members of the Ascended White Light Brotherhood.  

3.)  This remnant will grant you the knowledge of the 5th Horseman, who is not mentioned in the Bible.  This is the Horseman who comes after the battle is over.  He plants the seeds of a New Beginning.  He will show you the New Jerusalem and the Heavenly bodies that we will all receive in those days.  He will allow you to experience the city because he holds the seeds that will sew its beginning.  He can also help you by sewing the seeds of a New Beginning in your life.  This means he can sew the seeds of those things that you want in your life but that you don't have.  For instance, he can sew seeds of new beginnings in wealth.  He can sew seeds of romantic love.  He can sew seeds of white light psychic opening.  He has many seeds to sew, so as long as you'll simply ask, you will most likely receive.  

4.)  The fourth remnant holds the Garden of Eden.  Rather, it is a key to the Garden of Eden, but it works like this.  You will be able to recreate the Garden of Eden inside of your mind.  It has grown since its younger days, but you will still be able to recreate this vast utopian garden in your mind.  You will be able to travel through the garden to experience the magic and white light energies that live there.  The Garden of Eden is like a big white-light Labyrinth, so I hope you enjoy exploring.  The thing is that if there is a white light power that you want, then the chance is you will find it in the Garden.  Just focus on the power and the remnant will lead you to it.  

5.)  the Fifth Remnant doesn't really have a name, so we call it the Burning Bush.  Just like Moses was able to speak through a burning bush to God, this piece will allow you to speak to the ancestors.  By ancestors i mean the ancient ones of powers-- Moses, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Isaac, Aaron, David, Solomon, Joshua, etc.  You will be allowed to communicate with the elders for their knowledge and their white light magical abilities that were given to them by God.
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