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The Wolves of Jemdari and the Gauntlet

The Wolves of Jemdari and the Gauntlet

SKU: 672119

This piece is made with real agate and teeth.  


This piece holds a werewolf spirit in it that is a member of a pack called the wolves of Jemdari.  Jemdari is the father wolf of this pack.  He the Alpha.  Over the years we have helped people transform into the Alpha wolves and we have met those who are already alpha wolves.  Few have been as powerful as Jemdari exemplified himself to be.  

Jemdari is a true shifter, meaning he can shift to take any form he wants with a single, passing thought.  He has had thousands of years to do this, as Jemdari holds his origins in the Indus Valley Civilization.  His magic is original and ancient.  It has something to do with the merging of mankind and animals.  This mindset obviously spread throughout the Indus Valley and even made its way East into Egypt, Greece, and other cultures.  

The Wolves of Jemdari, in addition to being excellent shifters, are also the guardians of an artifact called the Gauntlet.  It was created in ancient days using a prototype of magic that has since been destroyed simply because of how powerful it was.  The gauntlet allowed anyone who wore it to be able to change the course of physical history-- meaning that they could actually change the destiny of Earth, the Universe, stars, planets, other people, etc.  

Nobody has worn the gauntlet in thousands of years, since it came under the jurisdiction of the Wolves of Jemdari.  A dark overlord once tried to use the Gauntlet to oppress others into servitude in a dark kingdom that he planned to instate upon the entire world.  The powers that be quickly nixed that one and the Gauntlet has been entrusted to Jemdari and his wolves ever since.  

This piece comes from the ranks of the Jemdari wolves.  They are human by day and fight evil forces in their wolf forms at night.  Unfortunately, this piece doesn't allow you to physically shift unless you've owned it for a minimum of ten years.  This is to protect yourself, honestly.  This kind of drastic change takes years to accommodate and you could potentially tear your body into shreds and die.  It's not a pretty process.  

However, you will be able to take whatever form you want to on the astral.  Also, you will get a limited version of the Gauntlet's powers.  You will be able to use this piece to change and influence your own destiny.  You can allow your destiny to become whatever you want it to become-- wealth, powerful, unusually strong, magically enhanced, enhanced love life, whatever you choose.  

Through shifting on the astral, you will develop and camaraderie with the wolves, as they also travel on the astral a lot, especially in wolf form.  In fact, except for Jemdari, with who you will gain a psychic connection, you will meet the other Wolves of Jemdari on the astral in their wolf form!  This piece holds energies and magic that will eventually allow you to evolve and change into an Alpha Wolf just as Jemdari has.  
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