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6 Immortal Alien Chakras

6 Immortal Alien Chakras

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This next piece is for all you sci-fi-loving alien hunters out there.  We say that term with endearment and affection.  You are people after our own hearts.  We always love a good mystery, but unfortunately, when it comes to aliens and life outside of our own biosphere, the governments and powers-that-be usually beat us to it.  It’s just how that goes.  They have super cool gadgets that we can’t afford and the ability to mind-control and kill people who try to disseminate information that is contrary to the popular rhetoric that-- as of now-- we are the only intelligent lifeforms that have been found in the solar system.  

Of course, we know that all that is hog-wash and communication with aliens and enormously advanced life forms have existed since before good old Ike Eisenhower began allowing the aliens to use our land as a harvesting ground to abduct humans for experimentation purposes.  The Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Native Americans, the Mayans, and even the ancient Chinese have well-document encounters with extraterrestrial sources, but when you even suggest the possibility they call you a conspiracy theorist and want to tie you up in a white suit and throw you in the looney bin.  

The fact is that the government has been dealing with extraterrestrials for a long time.  They know what’s going on and they allow it to go on.  I mean, they don’t have much of a choice, anyway, because many of the aliens we deal with could wipe us out nearly instantly.  However, since they are also seriously more evolved than we are, they take things like social responsibility into account.  Honestly, they kind of feel bad for us.  We’re like the fleas of the universe that have infected the Earth.  

Anyway, you don’t have to take my word for it.  We have this piece.  The piece comes to us from an investigation that we somehow got pulled into that existed at a top-secret military base in central PA.  It rests in the mountains and that’s all I’m going to say about that.  It’s for your own safety.  If you show up there they will shoot you with a pulverizing gravitational beam that will turn you to ash quicker than Lot’s wife was turned to a pillar of salt for turning around to look at Sodom and Gomorrah.  

We infiltrated with a mind control piece that we were testing that essentially allowed us to hi-jack someone else’s body.  We decided not to make those pieces for sale because we are still having fun with them and also they help us bring you pieces like this one.  In one of the chambers that we were searching for, there was this alien being.  It didn’t look at all like what you would expect, with a bulbous head or big black eyes, or anything like that.  It looked more like an etheric being or maybe even an uglier version of an angel if you want to think of it that way  

The alien entity was hooked up to all sorts of machines and things, but I could see, plain as day, six chakras in the center of its forehead.  They were their own living, breathing entities breathing like six tiny little pairs of lungs.  Nerves and nerve endings connected to the six chakras and these traveled all through the opaque body that was shaped pretty similar to humans, except it was about 8 feet tall.  There were no eyes on this being, only the six chakras that ran from the top of the being's forehead until about the middle of its face.  

I neared the alien creature and could feel the energies that were being emitted from the chakras.  I laid the piece that we are offering to you on top of the chakras for about two minutes and spoke a mortal transfer spell, hoping it would work. After about two minutes the chakras opened up and began screaming in unison, making a sound that sounded like a screeching teapot.  It was nearly paralyzing, but we high-tailed it out of there pretty quickly.  Otherwise, that screeching probably would have somehow paralyzed my mind and would have just stood there like a dummy.  We figured this had to be some sort of defense mechanism.  

After being able to test this piece that has six stones on it to match the six chakras.  Each of the six chakras is six power hubs that inject large quantities of energies into the alien's body, giving it special metaphysical powers that we would have never known had we not collected the powers of each individual chakra.  Each of the chakras communicates with one another to keep a level of balance among all the organs of the alien to keep it alive.  When you use this piece, you gain the powers of the chakras that have been expunged from the alien presence and continued in this piece via the six genuine stones.  The sterling silver backing that acts like a synapse that keeps them all functioning as a cohesive unit.  The powers that you will inherit are listed below.  

 Immortal Wealth, meaning the wealth of the universe that will keep on generating and regenerating itself.  It will never stop.  

Autonomous Healing, meaning your body will psychically heal itself.  The energy from this chakra will assure that your body is up and running in its best shape.  It will help alleviate those aches and pains we all suffer from, plus it will assure good health and longevity.  

Psychic Enlightenment, meaning you will receive your own form of psychic awakening.  This includes an arsenal of psychic powers that you will be able to use on a regular basis.  

Immortal Time-Lapse, meaning you will be able to move in and out of time with your mind.  You will be able to travel anywhere you want along the space-time continuum to receive the energies of a place or the powers of a place. 

Cosmic Synthesis, meaning the ability to synthesize the powers of the cosmic flow into any power or ability you want them to become.  This takes different amounts of time depending on what you are attempting to synthesize this energy into.  

Cosmic Conjuration, meaning the ability to conjure any energy, any life form, any soul form, or anything else that exists in the universe and will appear before you.  

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