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72 Evolutions

72 Evolutions

SKU: 2252103

 This piece was acquires at the Underground Auction.  It is an antique piece made in the 1800s with white and yellow gold and pink sapphire.  

This piece can be a little bit confusing if you aren't well-versed in metaphysical subjects.  I think that a good starting point would be to examine the statement "as above, so below."  My thing is this-- why are humans spending so much time exploring outside of the human body when what they should be exploring is the inside.  God said that He created us in His image.  He said that he dwells, "within," but nobody ever wants to stop and take that expression seriously.  

If you look at the Milky Way and even the universe at large you will see that solar systems kind of interact with one another the same way that atoms interact with one another.  There is bound to be somebody that's going to say, "That isn't always true.  My aunt was a molecular physicist and she told me!"  First of all, nobody cares about your aunt.  Second of all, we're saying in general here.  Rule of thumb, if you will.  Atoms with their orbiting protons and electrons look and behave very similar to the way that planets in a solar system do, just on a much smaller scale.  

Here's the thing.  We are all born with the God Genome.  This is a fact.  It is written in our cells.  The thing is that these cells are a replica of what is already known.  Where did this knowledge come from?  It came from God who created the Universe.  Not only was the Universe created outside of us and around us so we could exist in it, but it was also created within us.  It could also be created on even more microscopic levels or larger levels than our universe.  

Who's to say that our universe isn't a molecule in something that is bigger than what we understand and that the existence of that "thing" depends upon our own very existence, such as we depend upon the molecules that live in our body.  As above, so below.  Existence is nothing more than a highly, highly replicated structure of reality that is repeated in itself.  We exist like Russian nesting dolls and if all the dolls aren't in place then we don't function properly.  

Each of our lifecycles holds the cellular memories of thousands of lifecycles that have already been lived.  We are all just trying to reach an enlightened state so that we can exist in true knowledge at the top.  God is at the top because he has already gone through what we refer to as the 72 Evolutions.  Remember when we told you that God has 72 names and each name is a hidden power?  Well, there is more to the story.  

In the Bible, God is referred to as Elohim, which has often confused Bible scholars because they know that God is only one God.  Elohim is the plural form of Eloah.  Why would the angels be referring to God as the Elohim when he was only one?  Some suffice to say that Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are the ones they are referring to, but that's not the case.  There's more.  

They are referring to God as his 72 manifestations.  These are his 72 names with 72 magical powers.  They are 72 Cosmic Evolutions that He has experiences that allow him to live as 72 cognitively different entities that have joined together as one.  They are the 72 stages of molecular advancement that have allowed God to become the entity that he has become.  

How do you experience them?  By climbing the chain of existence-- As above so below.  we are stuck in a perpetual state of existence because we do not understand.  The Universe exists within us.  It was placed there by God and we need to access it to break free of our mortal prisons ad allow ourselves to see that we, too, have 72 secret names.  We have 72 powers.  They have been written in our molecular and genetic make-up waiting for us to discover.  We simply need to climb out of the existence we've been content to experience and obtain the 72 Evolutions of God.  

This piece contains a fragment of God's own mind.  It is hidden in the purple stone.  God's mind is obviously very powerful, so you only need a trace.  When you wear this piece the spark of God's mind will jumpstart your own evolution process.  There are 72 Evolutions that you will go through.  These are the same Evolutions that God had to experience himself to become as powerful he has become.  Each Evolution will allow you to climb one rung of the Evolutionary ladder.  Each one reveals one of your own secret names.   each one reveals secret magic that is hidden deep within your own existence.  

Each of the 72 Evolutions will allow you to understand how life and reality are shaped.  It will allow you to understand what it means to be God.  It will allow you to awaken the universe within yourself.  It will allow you to awaken all forms of knowledge within your own mind.  You will become fully evolved to the point where your molecular make-up will manifest your own God genome.  Then you will able to experience deification and true divine awakening.  

Through this awakening, you will be fully opened.  Your mind will become the universe and you will be able to see and to know all things.  You will be able to know things that don't already exist for you to know.  This is part of your 72 Evolutions and the 72 Names that will be given to you.  This will put you on the same level as God, with the hidden knowledge, the secret magic, the 72 names of your own, and climbing to the top of existence.  

This is one piece that isn't going to want to miss.  This is evolution and change beyond what we typically offer.  You will become whatever it is you are destined to become while opening up the knowledge, magic, power, and understanding of the divine, and a whole new existence that you experience.
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