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A come together moment

A come together moment

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Okay, this is going to be expensive but well worth it. I was talking to one of you guys on the phone and you heard Raviniska was here. I didn’t want anyone to know but it’s true. She’s going to probably do a video of how this piece came to be and how hard it was! Not because it’s hard for her/them but it’s the various personalities involved!

Who did this piece and what’s in it. This was done by Raviniska, Shine, Tomer, Anthony and Victors wife. She’s not of this realm. There were two pieces made but they are both very different. The one will really surprise you on who did it. I will get it on next.

First this is a large pendant but not gaudy. It’s really beautiful. It’s in sterling and holds the best Garnets. These are expensive and if excellent quality! You should check out what one of these Garnets would cost to make this pendant. It’s not cheap!

What does it hold? It holds a guide by Shine. The supernatural abilities were put in by all the others including Shine. Ms. Lillian also helped.

Here is what in it.

Telepathy, reading, communicating and manipulating minds if needed.

Precognition, knowing what will happen.



Astral projection



Time manipulation

Elemental manipulation

Energy manipulation


Mind manipulation

Reality warping


Animal communication

Astral manipulation

Weather control


Dream manipulation

Dimensional travel

Energy absorption

Sonic manipulation

Reality perception

Soul manipulation



Elemental manipulation

That is all in here!

Wear and go!

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