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A Crown of a Thorn

A Crown of a Thorn

SKU: 1262304


Antique, rare piece.

The crown of Thorns has a very long history. It goes back to the ancient Templars long before going to Notre-Dame Cathedral. Now the Crown of Thorns sits in the Louvre museum. The crown was brought to the Louvre after the fire in Notre-Dame. I don’t know if you know about the fire but it was pretty bad but the Crown of Thorns survived. Could it have been a miracle or just lucky? Who knows but it’s real and has survived more than 2,000 years. Somewhere along the way, not sure if it was Charlemagne also known as Charles the Great, King of the Franks and King of the Lombard’s from 774 and the Emperor of the Romans from 800. Charlemagne helped usher in Christianity. Most likely he did that because he at one time possessed the Crown of Thorns. He had 15 children and Lindy comes from the linage of his second wife whose name was Hildegard of the Vinzgau. William the Conqueror was the 9th great grandson of Charlemagne. He was also blessed by the Pope at the time. What I’m showing you here is how the Crown of Thorns was passed or held by those of power in history. If you do some research on the actual thorns there are not many left and this piece you see here holds a particle of blood and thorn. This isn’t a Stanhope rosary. A Stanhope while extremely expensive especially one that looks like this, just isn’t this. This is much, much different. This has been passed to Lindy over the years. We believe it is made of ivory and definitely hand carved. Inside the hole in the center sits the miraculous blood. Each child had been baptized with it. Each child holds supernatural powers and abilities. One we have noticed is extreme memory from a young age. This is even to where things have been hidden. Intelligence levels are through the roof. Children who have now grown up are very different and must be guided in a special way. All of them seem to take on traits, behavior traits of those in the linage. That’s for the children. Moving to adults those not of the linage get a lot different. These people or testers as we call them gain miracles and miraculous events. Lindy herself was part of the event where the world stood still. That’s a long story. I tested this very piece for the tenth plus time on an event that happened today. This event or situation was terrible. You thought to yourself, oh shit, no way out of this one! I held it and things changed, immediately. Trust me when I call it a miracle! I have been using this for a customer the last two days/ nights because I know what going on with him. I wondered and then got my answer. While he’s not a Christian he’s a good guy and having issues of attack or possession. I found out it was attack. I found this out while just holding this. I knew not to email him at that time, or to speak spoken word. I then knew what had to be done. Now those are just recent situations but this has a long list of supernatural things going on with it. I know the things I have written here probably have no interest to you, I understand. So let me get to what will. It doesn’t matter what religion if any you are. That’s how things like this work. They have a motive. It’s not a bad motive and I do understand it. It doesn’t matter if YOU do or don’t. You see this piece is so rare it works for anyone with what you need and what, and that includes all things supernatural and miraculous. This is one of the Only religions pieces that can do this. Again it has a motive. No one knows if you figure it out or not but it doesn’t stop it from doing this that in NO WAY POSSIBLE could happen with out it! What am I talking about? Wealth, yes wealth with a religious piece is not only possible but will happen if you need that or want it. Magic and love, soulmates and children, if you want them. A new life, a total change in your life. Blessings that don’t stop, can’t be stopped and don’t be. This is truly a one of a kind miracle piece that can’t be totally described because it works for the individual who has it. You can use it for other people, I have! I have gotten the results I wanted and asked for. If there is one pure white light piece you’re looking for, let this be it. If you want it a way will be found for you to have it. It’s that good. You may ask what if many want it. It will go to the person who needs it most is my guess. With this piece we are willing to sell it and then take it back and resell it again. This means we would put it up for the same price you paid plus 13.77. Why, we don’t tell you that. It’s just how it is. You get paid when your item sells if you decide not to keep it. Of course you can keep it forever or pass it back. The choice is truly yours. We have our reasons for this. We know where it stops being passed is also important. Take a look and make a decision.

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