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A Door to Eden

A Door to Eden

SKU: 772104



This is a phenomenal white light piece.  We acquired this piece while searching the halls of Solomon's Spiritual Temple.  The Spiritual Temple is akin to the Temple that was in Jerusalem but was sacked and destroyed.  The energetic remnants of this place linger on in the astral realms, kind of like a soul transcends after the death of the physical body.  

Anyway, this piece is spectacular simply because it opens up a doorway.  What it actually does is create a vortex that will allow your soul to travel to the Garden of Eden.  We call it a doorway because that is easier for most folks to understand.  Once you travel through the doorway you will be able to explore the Garden of Eden at your own free will.  There are plenty of forms of magic to be acquired and there is the knowledge that flows freely.  

You can leave with any form of white light magic that you discover, but I'll leave you with this warning-- leave the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge alone.  You know what happened last time somebody ate it.  

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