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A Gathering of Ten Pharaohs, A Merging of Ten Pyramids

A Gathering of Ten Pharaohs, A Merging of Ten Pyramids

SKU: 4202103

This piece is a Sterling silver man's ring in size 14.

As most of you already know the universe that we live in is a single cycle of the universe.  At this point the universe is estimated to be 13.8 billion years old.  Just like a human lifecycle there really is no telling how old the universe will "live" to be.  

Different cycles see different ages, just as they see different types of existence, different cosmologicla events, different timelines of history, etc.  There's no telling what a lifecycle of the universe will bring.  What's more is that nobody knows for sure how many cycles the universe has been through.  It's just not something that is readily known.  Maybe somebody somewhere has been given some prophetic visions that they haven't shared with the rest of us yet, but for the sake of basic knowledge, it's just simply unknown.  

This piece is the closest that we have come to being able to determine how many lifecycles the Earth has seen so far, but it could be more than what we are offering.  The number of lifecycles that exists in this piece is 10.  That's 10 univesral lifecycles that span billions of years of existence.  This is billions of years of knowledge, billions of years of magic, billions of years of events and mysteries, and secrets and hidden knowledge.  Where did we find this piece you ask?  Egypt of course.  

This piece is called "A Gathering of Ten Pharaohs."  The reason being is that this piece has the presence of an Egyptian Pharaoh from each of the past 10 lifecycles.  It holds the knowledge of ten different pylramids from ten different universal lifecycles.  So, if there is one thing that we can gather it is that pyramids, as we have told you many times before, are multidimensional.  Evidently there is something about the Egyptian bloodline that is also multidimensional, given the fact that there are also ten Pharaohs to tell the magic of the pyramid they represent.  

The way this piece works is unusual.  It works very quickly, but the way that it works, it essentially gives you the cell memory of these 10 universal lifecycles that are represented in this piece.  Now, there could be more than 10 that have existed, but you are getting the ten that are in this piece.  If there are more we don't know about them and we don't have a piece for them as of right now.  But for the ones that are present in this piece, it is a tell-tale magic for sure.  

Within seconds of completely the bonding process with this piece, information from across the 10 lifecycles is going to be zipped into your memory life a computer opens up a flash drive.  You would think that in just a few second that would give you enough time to know very much.  However, in those fuew second, in your mind, you will live the many billions of years that this piece spans.  You won't know it on the outside, but on the inside your body will have traveled those years.  This is not like you are peering in through a window and seeing the time pass by.  You will actually lived it and your cellular memory will retain all of what you saw.  

What does this mean?  This means that the magic and the knowledge of 10 merging pyramids will be inside of your body.  That means that any magic that you have heard of?  It's also yours.  Any magic that you can think of?  It's yours.  Even magic that you've never thought of will become yours.  You may not need it or recognize it immediately, but your body will know it and when the time comes for you to need that magic, it will come to surface.  It will be like a reflex.  That's the best way that I describe it.  

There will be no magic that is out of your reach.  There will nothing that you aren't capable of.  This is a very powerful piece and needs to be taken very seriously.  This is a revelation that spans 10 full lifetimes of the universe.  How much more power could one possibly want?
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