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A lady of the evening.

A lady of the evening.

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Let me tell you.. some people don’t get it. I have one person calling and texting non stop. Then they text using a group text with no one who is real except them and two others. Yet it shows 20 people in the group. Great app if you need people to think you have a ton of friends! I mean to answer your own self! It’s sad really, really sad. I’m not making fun of the mentally ill either, like I said, it’s sad.

This lady here is a great find for your bag of tricks! The voodoo queen of the Earth and Stars. Wear her or sit her somewhere she can be seen. Give the offering that belongs to any of the Loa you need to use. She will make the contact for you! What does this exactly mean? It means no offering if you don’t know what to give! Even if you do, it doesn’t matter, she will make the contacts! She also does spirits and many other creatures. Creatures are used often in Voodoo but many don’t know that. I knew a lady that traveled with hers in a covered cage. She wouldn’t let anyone look at it. Now you too can know the real secrets of voodoo and use it to your advantage.

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