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A Merging of Hearts

A Merging of Hearts

SKU: 5262124


This is a beautiful mystic heart ring done in sterling silver.  At first glance you migh think that this piece is about star-crossed lovers or something along those lines.  In fact this piece is something else entirely.  This piece holds two hearts, which is to signify the merging of two hearts into one.  It is a marriage, but not the type of marriage that you would traditionally think of.  It is a marriage between one angelic life form an one mortal lifeform.

This ring has two hearts and one of them represents your own heart.  One reprsents the angelic heart of your choice  You get to choose one archangel.  The other heart on this piece represents your heart and it will be activated when you are wearing our piece.  

When the energies from the angel you have chosen and the power in this piece hit your body that bonding period wil begin.  The powers and presence of the angel you have chosen will become your own.  That includes your ability to take on their extreme powers and abilities.  I can't really give specifics on these powers and abilities other than to say that they will be the ones that go along with the angel you have chosen.  If that is the Archangel Michael, then you will gain his powers and abilities.  
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