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A Million Memories of an Intergalactic Mind

A Million Memories of an Intergalactic Mind

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Dee Dee

It has been suggested that 2022 is the year that mankind will make contact with aliens. Well, let me backtrack for a second and amend that statement. It is said that 2022 will be the year that governments of the world– or the One World Government that operates behind the scenes– will reveal the existence of aliens. They’ve been secretly working with them for a very long time. The Annunaki were technically aliens and the pyramids were also brought by aliens. So, this is nothing new, but 2022 is supposedly the year that the existence of alien life is revealed to the world en masse.

Whether that is true or not remains to be seen. If you want proof of alien existence, then you have to look no further than this piece. No, this isn’t another one of those typical, “this is going to put you in contact with aliens and grant you all their power,” pieces. We have those, we’ve offered them, and honestly, they have sold quite a bit. This is not one of those pieces. This piece takes a more esoteric approach to them what it means to be an alien, which isn’t all that different from what it means to be a human. We tend to think of aliens in terms of how they are foreign from us, or different. The fact is that they are simply beings that experience life, sometimes in the same ways that we do.

And just as humans are not all created the same, neither are aliens. There are many different types of lifeforms in the universe. Some are peaceful and some are not. Some are extremely enlightened, but some are less enlightened than humankind believes it or not. There is no set standard as to what is experienced when it comes to entities that are not from our realm of existence or so far removed from the way that we exist they appear nothing like us. If you are thinking that I am talking about something impossible– how could aliens exist and an entire planet not know about it?-- then consider this. Aliens live among us in bodies that have been given to them by our governments. They are here for various reasons. The higher-ups know about it, as they are the ones that issue these aliens their “skins”.

Meet Miriam. Through the eyes of your average American, she is just a little, old widowed lady that lives next door. She enjoys gardening and watching reruns of Andy Griffith. Or, so that’s the skin that she’s been given during her stay on Earth. Honestly, we aren’t sure why she was ever on Earth. All we know is that she has since ascended into whatever the afterlife means to her. She didn’t do, though. It was more of an energetic metamorphosis where she became part of the universe. It’s pretty ideal. She was slightly older than 1500 years old when she transcended.

In terms of physicality, she left behind a piece. The piece is an antique. It is both a pin and a pendant and can be used as either. It came with her skin. Had Miriam, which isn’t even her real name, had children she would have passed this piece onto them. However, she had none. Or, if she had children they certainly weren’t around. Either way, this piece is so powerful because it holds billions of years' worth of memories of her ancestors. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, how much is the actual uploading of the memories that your ancestors had? That’s precisely what this piece is. It’s like a mini Akashic Record, but instead of holding the memories of the universe it only holds the memories of Miriam’s intergalactic bloodline.

When you wear the piece and meditate with it, these memories are revealed to you. Somebody, somewhere out there is thinking, “Oh, big deal. So, we get to see some memories.” No, they aren’t just memories. They are memories of a race of intergalactic beings that have become all but extinct. It allows you to see back through strain to see what their existence was all about and how it has come and passed. It’s like a movie that will play inside of your mind that you can watch and experience as if you had been there.

Also, many powers and abilities can be acquired through watching the memories, which is what I think this memory piece is all about. Through using this piece it’s possible to acquire the wealth of kings. It’s possible to learn how to travel throughout the known universe and beyond. It will show you how to use quantum and cosmic energies to materialize existence and what you want. More importantly, it will show you millions of years in history during which powers and magic were developed. The powers are so archaic that we don’t even name them, but they are riveting and refreshing. You will be able to see how the cosmic entities evolved while gaining the secrets thor many forms of ancient magic. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and opportunity.

As a result of using this piece, a powerful awakening will ensue. Embrace this awakening. Embrace the magic that will become part of you. Live the memories that are preserved and allow them to shape the way you live in your reality. Nothing is permanent. Everything is malleable. Use this piece and you will grow in power, magic, understanding, and evolution.

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