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A Royal Buzz

A Royal Buzz

SKU: 772102


This is a very interesting piece.  Without naming names it holds a type of magic that was used by a very low-profile American actress.  She used it to infiltrate the royal family and has since become one of the most prominent faces in the world.  She has recently even interviewed with one of the richest women and television hosts in America.  I'll let your imagination run with that.  

Anyway, as I said, this piece holds the same magic that this person used to transform her life from pretty much dull and drag into something regal and royal.  This magic-- seated in an antique be bracelet-- will do the same for you.  If you want to become royalty, then this is the piece that you want.  Here's the thing-- this piece allows you to define royalty however you want to.  Hollywood royalty, Athletic Royalty, Music Royalty, and Fashion Royalty have all been terms that I've heard in the past, most recently having heard Jay-Z and Beyonce called American Royalty and Music Royalty.  As such, this piece will allow you to become royalty in your own right, developing a charter for your own fame!!  

You will become the "Queen (or King) Bee" of whatever industry you want!
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