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A Sterling Heart's Desire

A Sterling Heart's Desire

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This piece is solid sterling silver and it is huge.  It is an authentic piece and contains an English Mark on it.  The piece itself comes from an event called the Witch’s Symposium.  During the Symposium they would mix elixirs and concoctions together.  There would be lots of sex that happened.  It is just a very magically opened event.  Together some of the witches and warlocks would travel the astral realms in search of rogue powers, magic, and whatever else they could pick up along the way.  They set up stations where very powerful magical items are created.  

This piece was created by an ancient Viking witch called a Volva.  I know that’s a bit weird for the name of a witch in English, but that’s what they were called.  They were very powerful and revered as seeresses and creators of ancient magic.  They studied under Freya who is the goddess of magic, but those traditions have come to an end and the Volva exists only by birthright.  This means they have to have the blood of an ancient witch to become one.  That’s why they are rare and so powerful. 

This particular Volva had emigrated to London where there is a huge Underground presence, so while she is technically Danish, she is also English.  Thus, her piece has an English Mark, but it has been doubly cast with both the magic of English Witch and that of an ancient Viking witch as well.  In other words, this piece is crazy powerful.  

We call this piece Sterling Heart’s Desire.  It has generational power dating back to the ancient days of both English and Danish witchcraft.  This means that it holds very powerful Pagan powers of nature and the universe.  This piece essentially is a very large, heavy paperclip.  Using it is easy.   All you do is write down what you want on a piece of paper.  You will then fold that paper in half and you will clip it with this piece.  The generational and magical energies that have been set into this piece will then be able to see what it is you want.  They will then use their powers of nature and the universe to make it happen.  Wealth, love, fame, riches, magical greatness, whatever else you could possibly want is yours for the taking.



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