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A Time Regressing Traveler

A Time Regressing Traveler

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We live in uncertain times.  In fact, we live in the End Times and we have told you this before.  However, this only applies to our lifetime and our timeline of existence.  Many different dimensions and time lines exist.  Within those dimensions are different realities.  Within those realities are different types of lives and powers.  

This piece holds the presence of a Traveler named Zing Lan.  Zing Lan would probably be the equivalent of what we would call Chinese.  When he appears he looks Chinese and when he speaks he kind of sounds Chinese.  Only he doesn't refer to himself as Chinese.  He refers to himself as something else.  I don't know how to spell it, because it's more of a sound than anything.  

He comes from a different dimension and reality.  First of all the year from which he comes is 74BX8.  Yeah, they definitely view time differently than we do.  He said that most of the people in his reality can become immortal because of a time-loop vortex that exists in the center of his solar system.  

It is also how he has been able to travel to our timeline, which he said is kind of drab and unimpressive.  In his reality, the human-like entities are direct descendants of Atlantean Aliens who brought ancient secrets of the Universal Temple from the Cosmic Plane.  This includes advanced evolution and an awakening of primordial cellular memory.  

In other words, they are super advanced.  They are more advanced than the Atlanteans themselves.  They are more advanced than the Egyptians or Sumerians were.  They know things because they are directly connected to the cosmic plane and with that comes a knowledge of the cosmic pyramid.  It brings the ability to be able to see through the cosmic eye, which is essentially the same thing we would call the All-Seeing Eye of God. Only, the Cosmic Eye is much more powerful because it can blast energy through the universe to create the power and magic that is asked of it.

Zing Lan also holds the bloodline of a race of aliens called the First Bloods.  As he explained to us, he isn't an offspring of the First Bloods.  Rather, he was genetically infused with their blood platelets, which allowed him to resurrect First Blood's cellular memory.  

The First Bloods were the first entities in existence that experienced blood flow.  The idea was that the blood would carry synthetic and natural cosmic energy, knowledge, power, etc to the creatures of the universe.  Somehow somewhere along the line, the "blood" was muddied and the blood we experience today is no longer pure.  You have instances of pure blood, such as the blood of Christ, which is why it's so powerful.  God is one of the First Bloods.  

Either way, this piece is made of sterling silver and either real bone or ivory.  this piece is an antique and it is pretty old.  For that reason, Deedee thinks it is ivory.  The ironic part is that this piece was created in times that were old to us, but was created to hold the soul of an entity that exists way further in the future.  It's almost like an oxymoron.  

When you wear this piece you will be bonded to Zing Lan.  You will receive a spark of knowledge.  This knowledge will become yours as this piece filters your blood and your blood becomes that of the First Bloods.  You will become extremely white light.  You will experience extensive and super-advanced evolution that will tie your third eye to the Cosmic Eye.  The Cosmic Eye is what gives Zang LIn's "people" their power and magic, apart from the First Blood that they have in their veins.  

This piece is incredibly illuminatory and will give you a complete metamorphosis of the mind.  You will be able to manifest whatever you want simply by thinking of it.  That's the whole of Zing Lan's reality.  He has created for himself.                            

He has embraced what has been given to him and perfected his energies in order to be able to alter his reality and visit ours.  It's just full of endless possibilities that you can create within your own mind and them push out into reality so you can experience whatever you want to.  IT will also allow you to experience Zing Lan's reality within your mind.  You will travel there.  It will be one of the most enlightening experiences you have had.
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