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A Union of Four Pyramids

A Union of Four Pyramids

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    She stood there with her hand on her hip, leaning against her car.  Her Daisy Duke shorts were impossibly short and her red-check button-down was tied above her navel.  Her chestnut color hair fluttered in the breeze.  The red rims of her sunglasses matched her lipstick, nearly identically.  She puffed on her Virginia Slims cigarette and smirked.  

    "You're late," she retorted.  

    "Sorry, Charlene.  Not all of us run on interdimensional travel time," I chuckled.  

    "I told you before.  It's Charlie.  My name is Charlie," she huffed.

    "Yeah sure, whatever.  Sorry, Charlie," I responded.  

    Charlene, or Charlie as she likes to be called these days, is the type of girl who wears things just to get people to notice.  I don't know how she manages to develop personal relationships with people.  She's old enough to have floated on Noah's Ark. and probably powerful enough to take on Moses.  On second thought, she might be older.  I'll probably get flack for that, but it is what it is.  She's cheeky and fresh and she does what she can to stay relevant.  The truth is that I think she's just bored with her immortality.  She's been around for a while, although she's never really told me the whole story of her origin  She's kind of a mystery.

    Honestly, I don't know how she is bored.  She's always on the move.  She's always doing something.  As I said, she's cheeky, but we stay in contact with her because she always delivers good stuff.  One time she traveled back into th past and actually let a Mayan Temple Priest kill her so she could collect the energies and eternal powers of being offered as a sacrifice.  Little did they know she cast a resurrection spell on herself and in three days she was back to her usual self.  

    "Ughhh.  A dolphin?  Another mermaid piece?  You gave me a mermaid piece last time, Char.  What's going on?" I asked as she handed me a piece wrapped in tissue paper.  

    "Look, man.  I get what I get okay?  I had to travel to the future to get that!  A little appreciation would go a long way, you know?" She retorted.  

    "This?  From the future?" I replied.  

    "Yeah, the future, Steve."  She batted her eyes sarcastically.  "You know, the place where..."

    "Yeah, I know what the future is.  Thanks." I responded.  

    "Look," she continued, "This piece is serious.  I traveled to the year twenty-one something this time.  The world is completely changed, I mean it's completely different.  You guys keep saying the end is coming.  I'm finally starting to believe it myself.  When I got there I was immediately taken to Washington.  You know, DC?  Yeah, well we ain't in Kansas anymore Toto.  At least we weren't then."  

    "What do you mean?" I asked.  

    "Okay, well in DC there's this pyramid.  This pyramid is huge.  I've been a lot of places, Steve, and I'm telling you this pyramid is freakin' huge.  It's the biggest one I've ever seen.  It looks modern like it could be completely made of steel.  It's the size of a city.  Like the actual size of a city and they call the pyramid the Metropolis.  so, inside of the Metropolis everything is hunky-dory, you know.  There are these beings and they are super powerful.  They don't even need food.  They plug them into these, like, power outlet things.  They receive their energy and sustenance from whatever they are plugged into.  It's kinda freaky if you ask me."  

    "Yeah, seriously." I chimed in.

    "So inside is cool.  These people are super powerful.  Remember, there is an entire city inside of the Metropolis and the people who live there are called Metropolitans.  They can manifest any type of magic they want.  Here's the kicker-- their magic is so powerful because it comes from a merging of four separate pyramids in four separate places.  Somehow, these people from the future have managed to transcend time like never seen before!  The Metropolis is connected to the Giza Pyramid, which has been brought completely back to life.

    Egypt has summoned the powers of their ancient Pharaohs and has taken control of Africa and half of Asia, all of the Middle East.  The European Union doesn't even exist anymore.  They were all taken over by Italy.  Evidently, Italy caught another virus, but instead of killing people, it turned them into superhuman entities.  It also gave them tremendous amounts of rage with no remorse.  They conquered virtually all of Europe and have claimed it as the Third Roman Republic.

    There was some kind of war fought in the western hemisphere.  It could have been nuclear, I don't know.  All I know is that Mexico?  Canada?  Most of the United States?  Uninhabitable.  Only the poor people live outside of the Metropolis.  In other words, the ones that don't belong to the 3%.  They are genetically modified and they look like they crawled out of Chernobyl or something.  The only oasis of hope that I found the entire time I was there was South America.  

    Ironic, isn't it?  Everyone's trying to leave South America now, but in those times, Steve-- I'm telling you.  It was like a revival of the Inca empire.  The lands are beautiful and the people that live there so spiritual.  They connect with the Earth.  Their water is clear, there are no factories.  They live off the land.  They have reclaimed the 13 Crystal Skulls, which pretty much allows them to decimate anybody who threatens their territory.  It's like the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.  They leave well enough alone, though.  They don't want to be bothered and they don't bother anybody else.  

    They don't have pyramids, though.  And neither do the Third Roman Republic people.  Look, I don't know if this is some kind of tribulation that God is putting the world through for its sins, but things are bad.  People aren't free.  Even the metropolis, where the powerful people live is ruled by a socialist dictator who tells the people what they can and cannot do. Their motto?  Get this... E. Pluribus Unim, like the original seal of the United States.   One from Many... you'll get it in a second.

    So the Metropolis is connected to the Pyramid of Giza.  They somehow managed to transcend time, right?  So, they are connected to the crystal pyramid in Atlantis.  They have even managed to develop something called a soul bridge.  It allows their people to travel to and from Atlantis at their own free will.  Isn't that wild?  It's like people these days would drive to Florida or something.  They just get on the soul bridge and travel to Atlantis.  Not just Atlantis, either, because all three of these pyramids are also connected to.... where?  Did you say Lemuria??  Ding, ding, ding.  We have a winner!"  

    "So what's with the dolphin?" I asked.  

    "Okay, so I kinda stole that from somebody.  It's a key.  The dolphin is 14k gold, right?  And then the stone on the dolphin, those are big black opals.  I'm not such a big fan of black opals, but you know what can..."  

    "Char, get to the point,"  I demanded.  

    "Fine.  Whatever.  So, the opals on the dolphin represent what those people call the four conduits.  One is the key to the Pyramid of Giza.  One is a key to the Pyramid called the Metropolis where the rich Westerners live.  One is a key to the ancient Pyramid of Atlantis.  The last one is a key to the ancient pyramid of Lemuria.  You know, they build a soul bridge to that place, too. I walked across it.   Let me tell you, those people are powerful.  Well, they aren't really people, they're more like aliens, but they have all kinds of weird technology, and their pyramid houses all of that knowledge."  

    "So who did you steal this from?" I inquired.  

    "Maybe, Isis?.. but you know, I'm sure it's all water under the bridge by now, or something..." she trailed off.  

    "I'm sorry, you mean THEE Isis.  Like, the Egyptian goddess of magic Isis?" I asked in disbelief.  

    "Yeah.  Yeah, that one.  The one with all the magic.  I guess the Egyptian people, you know, they've become really powerful.  They started resurrecting some of their gods in human form.  Anyway, they have this temple out in the desert.  Well, technically it's an oasis in the desert.  Isis made it.  Well, she has a temple out there where she and all her followers can be together.  They're waiting on the arrival of the fifth key.  There is some sort of astrological thing that is supposed to happen that will reveal a Crystal Pyramid in the sky.  That is supposed to be the 5th Conduit.  When this crystal pyramid appears, the fifth key will also appear and then all of humankind, at least the ones that are left, will ascend into this crystal pyramid, where they will achieve immortality.  Supposedly they will be elevated in existence. Whatever is inside of the pyramid must be really powerful.  Even Isis is waiting for it to appear and she's already powerful enough.

    The piece that I have are the first four keys and I'm pretty sure that without them they won't be able to ascend, but the power in this piece, man.  I'm telling you, I've never experienced a power like this one.  When I was using this piece it created soul bridges within my mind to all four pyramids.  There were no other people there, just the four pyramids-- the Lemurian Pyramid, the Atlantean Pyramid, the Egyptian Pyramids, and the Metropolis.  These four pyramids are united in power and knowledge.  They totally own the cosmos, Steve.  I felt like I was floating.  I was airy and all my Earthly concerns drifted away.  If felt completely at peace with all my surroundings.

    Then came the knowledge.  This knowledge is something else!  It gives you knowledge of civilizations on Earth that these so-called historians don't even know about.  The magic that this piece allows you to create with your mind is unlimited.  You have the magic and energies of all four conduits backing you up and the literal energy of the Cosmic flowing through you.  It's euphoric. I literally become one with the universe.  I... became... the universe.  I was able to create magic simply by thinking about it.  I was able to see anything I wanted simply by thinking about it.  It was larger than life, my friend.  That's the best way I could describe.  I've been around for a long time, but I've never experienced anything like this before.  I can promise you that."  

    "So, honestly, why are you giving this to us then?"  I asked.  

    "Oh, I ain't giving you nothing.  You're paying!  But, you know me.  I've kinda seen a lot already and I'm a "live in the present" kinda gal, you know?   So, I figure I've experienced all of this already, why not pass it on to somebody who hasn't?  Am I right?  Now fork it over and we have ourselves a deal!"  

    "Yeah, I gotcha."

    Okay, so I just wanted to add at the end of this recounting of my exchange with "Charlie" that we have also tested this piece.  This piece is powerful.  The way Charlie explains it is on point.  This piece allows you to embrace the power of all four of the "conduits."  Sure, this piece looks like its from our time, but it's truly from the future.  It did once belong to Isis, but we have placed some heavy-- and I mean heavy-- cloaking spells on it.  I daresay that God himself would have a very difficult time finding it.  I'm not too sure about the mystery of the 5th Conduit.  It could mean the Crystal Pyramid in Heaven.  That's something you will have to figure out by working with this piece.  Other than that, you will gain all the powers and abilities that were mentioned above.  

    Also, this piece is 14k and it does have large, black opals.  

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