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A Wizards Animation

A Wizards Animation

SKU: 21724017


A Wizards Animation.

This ring is a size 11 and it’s a representation of a stone gargoyle. This belonged to Alberto Adolfous who was a great wizard of hidden knowledge given to him by Sinious, the gargoyle. In the night this gargoyle comes to life just like in legends. Sinious is dual which means he acts in the way you do. His actions are obviously to protect but he’s also the guardian of great mystical secrets which he will hand to you. As with any gargoyle he is beholden to you and can be summoned at anytime. The night time is all his and when he comes into his human form. Being that he is a guardian of all treasure and where he lives your home is always protected as are you. He dwells in wealth in the night and brings that to you as well. This isn’t a normal piece. Sinious makes things happen. Money won’t drop out of the sky but you will have it, he uses the most hidden of mystical magic to get it. Sinious is extremely old and was around during the cave of treasures. He was one of the people below the mountain. We are talking old! He was around right after the garden of Eden and has been here ever since. He is the PERFECT partner in magic, a more than competent assistant and will be your teacher and guide. This ring can be worn on a chain and is in solid sterling silver. There is no defiant behavior like some Djinns, this is an entire different ballgame! If you ask him to protect someone else, he will. He will do as you ask unless it will hurt you. Then he will let you know why and see into the future as he can. This gargoyle is seriously incredible and came from the U auction.

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