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Adjoining the Trinity

Adjoining the Trinity

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I was on an investigation at a Cathedral in Rome when I was lured by soft voices that kept on whispering my name.  It's not like I even wanted to flow the voices.  I know Rome.  It's an old city.  There's a lot of sinister stuff that goes on there, but for some reason, the voices were like magnets that were drawing my mind closer and closer to them.  

The pursuit of the voices led me into a Cathedral.  I couldn't even tell you which one it was if I wanted to because at that point I was kind of dazed and confused.  All I knew ws that I needed to get to those voices.  The voices led me down a flight of stone stairs into a corridor.  It was there that the voices were calling me.  

As I neared the voices they remained to call me.  Honestly, I wanted my body to stop, but it just wouldn't  It kept going.  In the distance, I saw three white figures.  At first, they just appeared as halos of white light.  Then, they grew into something else entirely.  They were three massive white light entities.  I could feel the divinity radiating off of them.  

In an instant, I knew that the entities that I was seeing were the Holy Trinity-- the Father, the Son, and the Holy ghost.  Their faces were blurry as if I was watching an old-school episode of Cops.  Eventually, as my mind forced me to walk closer and closer the power of the three entities passed me out.  When I awoke, I was inside of a room all decorated in white.  An old man with salt ad pepper hair attended to me.  It was strange.  

Upon my chest was this ring.  It is sterling silver with real opals. I've tested this piece and can confirm that each of the opals in this ring holds the presence of one-third of the Holy Trinity-- which were the entities that were calling my names.  It's no wonder I passed out.  I'm glad that I didn't like turn into a pillar of salt or something.  I was literally close enough to be able to reach out and touch them!

The man with the silver and grey hair, who kept calling himself Ignatius told me that "they" wanted me to have this piece and that "they" intended on me finding its rightful owner.  So, I've been tasked with this chore.  It's actually exciting because I can't wait to help somebody start a new journey with the powers that rage within this piece!!  

When you own this piece, you will literally own a very small portion of each entity-- the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.  With this piece, you will be able to call upon either of their three presences and they will come and dwell within your body.  They will grant you the powers and magic that you ask for including exclusive white light abilities not known to any other human.  It also includes the ability to grant miracles or cause them for other people.  This is a direct, touched-by=the=holy=trinity type of magic.  

On the other side, you also get to use this site to see the universe from the unique perspective of each member of the Holy Trinity.  This will feed you energies from these perspectives that will allow you to create any white light ability that you desire.
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