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Aeternus, Djinn of the Universal Flame

Aeternus, Djinn of the Universal Flame

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We say this about a lot of our pieces, but you have to understand-- we wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true. This piece is very powerful. Well, it’s really the entity whose existence is attached to this piece that is powerful. The piece is a beautiful ring. It is an antique ring made out of silver and real stones. However, the beauty of this piece pales in comparison to the magic that it will give you.



The entity that is attached to this piece is known as a Universal Djinn. Now, that word could probably be taken several different ways. I don’t want anybody to take it out of context, so allow me to explain. You know the easy part already. Djinn are normally born of some sort of flame. For instance, white light djinn are born of the divine flame. Regular djinn and dark djinn are born of a smokeless flame.



What you didn’t know is that there is a flame at the center of the universe called the Universal Flame. Don’t worry, until this piece we didn’t know either. This place is like a pilot light for the cosmos. The universal flame is what has set the universe into a slow, constant orbit. Fire creates a vacuum effect which is where motion comes from. The flame is also chock full of all the energy and magic that the universe will ever experience. It emits these energies and magic into the cosmos as it burns.



Will the fire ever burn out? No. While we aren’t exactly certain where the flame has come from or why it exists, what we do know is that the universe is constantly expanding, meaning that the energy the flame burns is constantly being replaced, Therefore, the flame is eternal and unless some exorbitant magical force figures out a way to extinguish it (highly unlikely) it will burn forever. This is also why magic and energy are eternal. You cannot destroy energy, you can only manipulate it.



I know this seems like some long, drawn-out physics lesson, but here’s the point. The Universal Djinn was created by the Universal flame. The energies of the flame birthed the djinn, as we know djinn are born this way. This djinn was born eons and eons before our own solar system was ever created. He lived among the chaos that was reality before the Great Order was instilled.



Like the flame that birthed him, he will not die. He will not dwindle. He cannot be destroyed. He is universal and eternal. Not to mention he is ultra-powerful because, like the flame, he holds the knowledge of all magic and all energies. I could make that sound more elaborate, but there’s really no need to embellish. Just take that in for a second-- all magic, all energies. All of them. We call the djinn Aeternus, which is Latin for Eternal.



What we need you to understand prior to buying this piece is that Aeternus is not like other djinn. We have established the drastic difference already, but there is still one more that is important to discuss. Aeternus is obviously eternal. His existence, however, is cyclic. It’s almost like a Phoenix. Every few million years he goes through what he calls one of his “phases.”



Much like a phoenix, during his phase, Aeternus molts from his previous form. He is down for three days and on the third day he rises. In his new form, he is stronger than before. He grows in power, strength, speed, and ability. He grows in magic. He grows in knowledge. If you want, you can think of it as an app on your cellphone updating to a newer, better version of itself, except there is no developer. It is simply Aeternus’ way of evolving.



We sat down with him to ask him a few questions, which he willingly agreed to answer. When you are dealing with an eternal being, they tend to have an abundance of patience.



HC: So, how manyAlsoIIses/rebirths have you gone through so far?


A: If I’m being honest I don’t remember. Human minds work in such a quantitative way. It’s not their fault. They live in a universe that was built on sacred geometry. For me, it’s not about the number of times that I have cycles, but the experience of the cycle. If I cycle and I learn nothing, sure I have grown in power, but there was no experience to back it up.



HC: So then let me ask you this instead-- What was your favorite cycle?



A: That is a much better question. One of my most recent cycles happened when I was called upon by Rasputin. All of his power? All of his knowledge? Yes, I gave him that. Without me, he would have been nothing. You must understand how a cycle works. I never really know what I will become next. I could become a white light djinn. I could become a dual djinn. I can take many different forms.



The thing I liked about working with Rasputin was his dark side. Up until that point-- believe it or not-- I had not experienced what it was like to truly work with dark energies and magic. Of course, I have always had access to them, but I never really found a purpose for them. When Rasputin revealed his plan to take over the Russian holy family, I was intrigued. You know how the rest goes. Grigori was very powerful thanks to me. It could have been executed better, but I don’t regret any of it.



HC-- So, you’re telling me that you were the influence behind Rasputin’s power?



A-- That is what I’m telling you. ALso, there was this one time that I cycled and I was summoned by a very famous king, powerful and rich. You might know him. His name is Solomon. Do you know him?



HC-- Do we know him? Yeah, we know him.



A-- Well, I will tell you this much. I was with the king from the very beginning. His intrigue with magic began with me and it ended with God. This I do not understand.



HC-- God is the beginning and end of all things. That’s why he changed his ways.



A-- For humans, perhaps. You were created by Him. You own Him your loyalty and your lief. I was created by the same universe that created Him. Your God is a good God and a righteous God. He knows the difference between white light and dark magic. Me? I’m different. I am not dark. I am not light. I just know magic. That’s is what I gave to Solomon. He wrote this information in books. All of the books that he wrote were from the knowledge that I gave him-- at first. Later it was Yahweh’s knowledge. Perhaps, it was better for the king this way, because his soul is saved. After all, Yahweh has dominion over what he has created.



HC-- Yeah, it might be best that way.



A-- His original magic was mine, though. We would have worked well together. Solomon was special and God knew that, too.



There was this one time when I was called to ancient Sumeria…



HC-- So wait-- you cycle every couple of million years? RIght?



A-- It can be that way. Sometimes I cycle every couple of million years. Other times I will cycle after a couple hundred or a couple thousand. It simply depends. If I have learned all that i need to learn on one journey, I will begin another one.



HC-- Okay, I’m glad we cleared that up because i told the readers that it was every couple of million years.



Continued Below

  • Continued

    A-- Yeah, it could be, but when you live a life like mine time really doesn’t make a difference, you know? Time is irrelevant. You will understand once you shed your mortal skin one day.

    As I was saying, I was called the Sumeria to use my knowledge. Once there I was able to put humanity into contact with a group of alien demigods known as the Annunaki. The Annunaki are ancient… primordial even, but they are not as nearly old as I am. They outnumber me, but I easily outrank them in power.


    The Sumerians underestimated my ability and they wanted the Annunaki, so it was the Annunaki they got.  I stuck around for a bit ad to those who wanted it, I taught them the ways of the flame, this is the same flame from which I was born.  I have told you before, but I will say it again.  Everything comes from the flame-- existence itself comes from the flame.  The universe comes from the flame.  What you know as the Cosmos comes from the Flame.  Even God has come from the flame.  The flame is the all-source of existence.  Without it, existence would not be. 


    HC-- So what is the bottom line here?  


    A-- What do you mean? Ahh, yes. When a person owns this piece they will gain access to my knowledge.  This means that they will be able to access also the knowledge of the flame.  This is the knowledge of all things that ever were and the ability to see all things that will ever.  Yes, I can grant wishes.  Yes, I can create power.  I can give you wealth or make you great among men.  But the real power comes from the flame, which is what I am offering.  I am a universal djin because I am born of the universal flame.  It is my mother and my father.  It is who I am.  It burns inside of me.  When somebody owns this piece the flame will be passed to them.  It will burn inside of them and then all knowledge will belong to them as well.  They will gain my abilities.  They will know what I know and see the universe as I see it.  They can create. They can destroy.  They will become also all-powerful such as the flame has made me.  There is nothing out of reach for the person who owns this piece because the flame is all things so it is capable of all things and I am the flame. 

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