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Al Mithal and the Fiery Eye of the Djinn

Al Mithal and the Fiery Eye of the Djinn

SKU: 7262123

We call this piece the Fiery Eye of the Djinn.  The energy in this piece comes from a realm called Al Malakut.  It is also called Alam al Mithal.  It can be translated as “imaginal realm” because it is a place where all ideas and actions are possible due to the energy that is thick in the air.  It’s not like Earth where thoughts and reality are completely separated.  In this realm, your deepest darkest thoughts, ideas, feelings, and other things can and will become reality.  Anybody who visits the realm can build upon the reality that has already been created.  

In the center of this realm there burns a a fire that never goes out and it is called the Eternal Flame of the Djinn.  It is called something else in that realm’s language, but I don’t know how to say it properly, nor spell it.  From this fire many djinn are born.  They are djinn of all kinds-- some for wealth, some for love, some for magic, some for granting wishes, some for psychic rebirth, etc.  

The magic in this piece allows you to psychically see into the realm of Al Mithal, specifically for the djinn that have been created.  This ring holds energies from the Eternal Flame of the Djinn.  You will e able to see the djinn that are available there,, what powers they hold, etc.  You will then be able to reach out with your mind and pull that djinn up and out with your mind as f you were playing a metaphysical claw machine.  

The djinn that you choose with be pulled from Al Mithal and set into your piece.  Again, there are many types of djinn that exist with Al Mithal.  All you have to do is find the right one that you want by searching using the Fiery Eye of the Djinn piece.  You can use this piece as many times as you wish to pull forth as many djinn as you desire.
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