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Alien Healing-- Genetic Reparation and Evolutionary Healing (2 HEADS)

Alien Healing-- Genetic Reparation and Evolutionary Healing (2 HEADS)

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For those of you who have been with us for a while, you will remember the outstanding healing pieces that we got from Florida.  It's a really long story and if you SERIOUSLY are into this piece and are interested, I can forward you the information.  In a nutshell, there was a woman in Florida who was diagnosed with cancer, given a brief time to live.  She was visited in the night by tiny alien saucers that scanned her body and removed the cancerous tumor.  She later established a base for the aliens and healing pieces were made.  We sold a bunch of them with stellar reviews, although we ourselves have never used any of the pieces to cure cancer or anything like it.  However, we have been told that they work very well from the people we've sold them to-- including celebrities.  

It turns out that these aliens are back.  They are still doing the healing, only this time they have come for a different type of healing.  While these pieces will help with bodily maladies, we obviously cannot guarantee that they will.  We have had these pieces tested and reportedly they have worked for different types of healing, but we aren't going to get anybody's hopes upon the physical aspect of things.  What we will tell you is that the healing that is more focused on this time around is Genetic Repair healing.

Okay, so here's what happened.  These miniature scanning ships showed up again in Arizona.  This time the ships were scanning the body of a grown man-- 6 foot tall, a good 200 lbs, a real Leroy Brown type.  However, he said that when the ships were in the room-- much like the encounter we reported on in Florida-- it brought with them a mist.  His entire body was paralyzed.  He said he remembers the saucer getting really close to his eyes and shooting some type of ray in them.  

He woke up the next day thinking the whole thing was a dream.  It wasn't.  It was the second night after his encounter that he began seeing dark shadows moving in his room.  It was the third day when the shadows began speaking to him and on the fourth day they showed up completely, no longer shadow people.  They described themselves as star-people and prophets.  They said a lot of things to the man, but what stood out to him was the fact that they said that he had received Genetic Repair and Evolutionary Healing.  

Evidently, he said, they were readying him to become an anchor in the next evolution of humankind.  The prophets showed him visions of times to come.  There will be lots of destruction, but like the Phoenix rises from the ashes, so will humanity rises from its ashes.  They will arise having evolved cosmically in their mind, but to spread this type of transformation in human cognizance, the prophets need individuals that they refer to as anchors-- people who have already received this evolutionary healing and genetic repair.  

So, what exactly does this mean?  The genetic repair will repair all of the genetic impurities that humans have somehow worked into their genetics over the years.  This includes things like cancers and diseases, so that way when the mass evolution happens your body will be in tip-top shape.  Eternal youthfulness will be yours, as you are returned to a state of perfection such as those in the Bible who easily lived to be nearly 1,000 years old.  Your genetics will be scanned and will be repaired.

Evolutionary Healing (EVH) concerns itself mostly with the dissolving of the chakras.  A lot of people think human chakras are tools to wrangled in energies and to be honest they can be used that way.  You can fine-tune chakra and embrace its existence to allow some magic to spill over so that way you can use it.  However, our chakras are like dams.  While dams may allow some water to rush through, the real source of water is held behind the wall.  That's why EVH dissolves the chakras.  This will allow pure cosmic energy and power to rush through your body, allowing you to receive unlimited knowledge and magic.  

These pieces were given to the man who had the experience with the saucer.  They were given to him by the star people prophets that visited him in the shadows.  He has kept one for himself, but we acquired the other two.  These are the bodies of the aliens who drive the micro-saucers.  We have two of them.  One has two heads and the other has three.  I'm not sure what the bodies are made of, but the form that you see them in is how they mummify.  The energies of these bodies are still present, which will allow you to receive the Genetic Reparations and EVH talked about above.  

This is a piece that will offer you limited power for now by slowly dissolving your chakras.  However, the full effect will be felt after the mass evolution when you become superior to everyone on Earth in the power and magic that you possess and can create.  The man who was visited by the star people said that there will some sort of cosmological phenomenon shortly that will bring about the destruction of humankind as we know and allow us to rise again better than we were before.  However, to experience the good we have to go through the bad.  Could this be parallel with the End Times of the Bible?  I guess that it has to be and that there's more to the story and maybe God has yet to reveal his final secrets to us.  I guess we will find out.  Keep your eyes in the sky.
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