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All Energy For All People

All Energy For All People

SKU: 562409


First of all I absolutely love these bracelets! They will fit anyone and the colors they can change into are gorgeous! These are true energy bracelets that collect and allow you to use various energy.

In the metaphysical world, different types of energy are believed to exist and influence various aspects of our reality. Here are some of them.

1. Universal Energy.

Also known as cosmic energy or life force energy, universal energy is the fundamental energy that permeates all things in the universe. It is the energy that sustains life, propels creation, and connects all living beings. Practices such as Reiki and Qi Gong channel and utilize this energy for healing and spiritual growth.

2. Spiritual Energy.

Spiritual energy refers to the energy associated with our spiritual essence and consciousness. It is the divine spark within us that connects us to higher realms and the spiritual dimension. This energy is often sought after for spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and deepening one's connection to the divine.

3. Emotional Energy.

Emotional energy refers to the energy generated by our emotions and feelings. Emotions hold their own vibrational frequencies, which can affect our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Becoming aware of and managing our emotional energy is important for balance and personal growth.

4. Vibrational Energy.

Everything in the universe vibrates at a specific frequency, including thoughts, emotions, and physical matter. Vibrational energy involves the recognition and manipulation of these frequencies to facilitate healing, manifestation, and spiritual development. Crystals, sound therapy, and energy healing techniques often focus on balancing and raising vibrational energy.

5. Elemental Energy.

Elemental energy is connected to and derived from the elements of nature, such as earth, air, fire, and water. Each element carries distinct energetic qualities and symbolism. Working with elemental energy involves honoring and harnessing the unique characteristics of each element to bring balance and harmony.

6. Intuitive Energy.

Intuitive energy encompasses the innate ability to access knowledge, insights, and guidance beyond the scope of rational thinking. It is the energy of intuition, gut feelings, and psychic abilities. Developing and trusting one's intuitive energy can lead to a deeper understanding of oneself and the world.

7. Collective Energy.

Collective energy refers to the combined energy of a group or community. It is the energetic field created by shared thoughts, emotions, intentions, and beliefs. Collective energy can be harnessed to create positive change, promote unity, and manifest intentions on a larger scale.

When we talk about collective energy your community will be the others who bought these. I believe I have five of them. I will start a group on tunnel2light so you all can work together.

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