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Rings of AMORC

AMORC, which stands for Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, is a very real organization that is into the mystical and strange. What do they teach and practice? Well… a lot of things! These two rings belonged to women in the organization and are different sizes. Both women used what they were taught and disappeared. They went on their own by choice. They gained various abilities and jumped the boat. These are the things put into both rings.

1. Secret Influence.AMORC exerts a secret and powerful influence over world events through its members who are placed in influential positions in governments, corporations, and other organizations. AMORC members use their positions to manipulate events to further the organization's agenda.

2. Occult Practices. AMORC engages in occult practices and rituals that are kept hidden from the public. These practices involve secret knowledge and ceremonies that are used to manipulate individuals and events for the benefit of the organization.

3. Mind Control. AMORC uses mind control techniques and teaches members how to use them too. These techniques can control the mind and actions. They learn methods such as hypnosis, subliminal messaging, and psychological manipulation to exert control over others.

4. Global Domination. Like many secret societies, AMORC has been accused of ambitions for global domination. Conspiracy theorists allege that the organization seeks to establish a New World Order or a one-world government controlled by a secretive elite, of which AMORC members are a part. True or not? You decide.

Those were the easy ones. Now let’s get into it!

5.Alien Contact! AMORC has been in contact with extraterrestrial beings and has hidden knowledge about aliens. The organization has been involved in secretive communication with alien entities and possess information about UFOs and other extraterrestrial phenomena. They do! I learned a lot from these rings! Which I will get into later!

6.Time Travel Experiments! AMORC has been conducting clandestine experiments related to time travel. The organization has developed and acquired technology that allows individuals to travel through time or access alternate dimensions. This is through breaking down the body. That technology comes from one alien race.

7.Energy Manipulation. AMORC possesses knowledge of advanced energy manipulation techniques that can be used for various purposes, including healing, mind control, and influencing events on a global scale. They are also able to harness vibrational energy and esoteric magic.

8.Hidden Artifacts. AMORC holds hidden and lost artifacts of great historical and mystical significance. These artifacts are said to possess powerful properties or secrets that could potentially change the course of history if they were to be revealed to the world.

These rings are for the women with the pendant for the men. You can buy whichever you want, the gender doesn’t matter. All are sterling with real gemstones.

  • Type of metal

    Sterling silver on both rings and pendant. Real gemstones on rings and pendant.Pendant opens. Ring size 9& 10.

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