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An Original King Tut Relic.  Very Powerful. Very Rare.

An Original King Tut Relic. Very Powerful. Very Rare.

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    This piece adds new depth and dimension to what we already know about the ancient Egyptians.  The piece that we are offering is an original artifact.  And I do mean original.  The scarab was found in the Valley of the Kings.  Specifically, it was found very close to King Tut Ankh Amun’s tomb.  


    Now, I know what you are thinking-- if this piece was found in the Valley of the Kings why doesn't anybody know about it?  The answer to that is very simple.  There is a group of covert operatives tied to INTERPOL.  They deal strictly with metaphysical findings.  They watch archaeological research sites and other places of interest intently, so they can confiscate things they think will benefit the NWO.     


    Researchers are forced to sign gag orders.  Breaking those gag orders is punishable by death.  Perhaps more scarily the covert group has also been known to abduct people who break their gag orders, completely erase their minds, and subject them to mental torture projects.  


    Enough about that.  We are here to discuss this piece.  It was a swipe from the HQ of that secret INTERPOL shadow organization.  It was swiped because it holds a life-form that is invaluable to the NWO.  It is an alien life-form that came to Earth in the times of ancient Egypt and while the shadow org thought that this piece would have been beneficial to the NWO, somebody also thought it would be beneficial to humanity.  


    The relic is an original scarab beetle carving. It has since been set into a sterling silver flip ring.  The scarab carving was found in the center of a painting.  On the painting was a picture of a UFO and some hieroglyphs that closely resembled what you will find on the back of the scarab craving.  


    So, on the top of the carving, it looks like what any normal scarab would look like.  The underside of the beetle is a completely different story.  You will notice that there are markings there.  At the bottom of the scarab, there are mountains and at the top of those mountains, you will notice a UFO.  To the right of that, there is a marking that represents an extraterrestrial being standing atop the mountain.  


    In case you didn’t put it together, the mountains represent the pyramid.  The UFO is the vessel that brought the ET to Earth, with the knowledge of the immortal living pyramids.  This all symbolizes what we already knew and that is that the pyramids were a gift from ancient life forms that were far more advanced and knowledgeable than the human race will ever become.    


    This piece holds the energetic presence of a life form known as Akn.  We aren’t really sure how that is properly pronounced, but we say Akkun.  AKn was sent to Earth to share the knowledge of the ancient pyramids with the people who lived here.  Since Egypt was a flourishing nation at the time, this is the place where Akn found himself.  

    This universal knowledge was first shared by AKN with the Pharaoh Khufu who initiated the building of the tallest pyramid in Giza.  The project continued over the subsequent reigns of both Khafre and Menkaure.  The knowledge was so immense that the structures that housed the knowledge needed to be big enough to contain the energy of that knowledge.  


    The pyramids are an energetic conduit, almost like an enormous battery, that constantly feeds knowledge to Earth.  It bridges the gap between our people and Akn’s “people” who aren’t really people, but an advanced race of solely energetic life forms.  Akn is different because he was able to take physical form to present himself to the kings.  


    For over 1,000 years, Akn remained present on Earth.  He frequently traveled back and forth between our reality and the reality that he knew.  He could travel through solar systems and other places of reality at a very rapid speed.  This was because he was able to compress himself into a dense energy that could be transmitted at a speed that would make the speed of light look like a snail’s pace.    


    For instance, there are separate solar systems that God has created.  They have human names, but I forget what they are.  I’ve tried to find them again, but I’m pretty sure the enemy is working against me because I cannot find them for the life of me.  Just know that what I’m saying is very real.  Everything that God created that wasn’t the Earth is called the firmament.  The firmament consists of entire alternate solar systems.


    One of these solar systems houses a planet that is very similar to Earth.  It is where the angels live.  Another solar system houses a planet where Lucifer keeps his demonic host.  Akn is able to travel to both of these places.  We are specifically bringing this up for a very solid reason.  These new-age Atheists will try to have you believe that there I no such thing as God.  


    Instead, they will try to tell you that aliens are the ones that created the universe.  They will tell you to worship the aliens instead of God because don’t exist.  If he did, why didn’t he tell you about the aliens?  They mock what God has done because they are too narrow-minded to understand that the vastness of God’s works cannot simply be placed between the two covers of a book.  


    Akn actually showed us one of the extra planets that used to e in our own solar system.  It was called Rahab.  This planet was the home to Satan’s legions.  They were selfish and communistic angels that God had created, but for some reason were given free will.  They grew lukewarm to the Creator and Lucifer grew jealous and greedy.  He began telling the angels that followed him to worship him in lieu of God.  He also began self-exalting.  Long-story-short, God fixed that problem with a massive space anomaly that blew Rahab to smithereens.  That’s where our asteroid belt comes from. 


    The point is-- don’t believe those Atheists.  They are vile liars and many of them are walking demons in the flesh that have come from the new planet where Satan keeps his miserable demons. You don’t want to get caught up with them.  I promise you this much.  It’s bad enough that there has been an invasion and infiltration of these alien demons on Earth.  Akn showed them to us.  He gave us the ability to identify them.  They are spreading misinformation and they are indoctrinating our children with false notions.  They want to push agendas of monotony that reduce or eliminate individualism.  One code.  One existence.  One mindset.  This way, their minds will be easier to win over or the dark lord. 


    Akn is not about that life or existence.  I’m not saying he’s an angel, but he is a white light being and he is a white light alien.  He spreads notions of all knowledge, don’t get me wrong.  However, the way n which he uses his powers and abilities is white light.  On the opposite end of the spectrum are those atheists that keep trying to push their secular agendas on people of faith in order to make them cave and win over their souls.     


    So, Akn was able to do many things for the ancient Egyptians.  This included allowing them to create a half-alien and half-human subrace.  You will notice that in Egyptian culture the “gods and goddesses” as they are called were the first human.   They acquired their divinity and immortality from external forces and influences.  These forces and influences are those that have come from Akn.  The subrace included thousands of personalities that held special powers and abilities.  These figures evolved over time as their powers evolved or as their roles changed in Egyptian society.  


    Some weren’t worshipped and didn’t want to be.  They simply want to evolve into these beings with Thetan, unlimited knowledge, which was offered by Akn.  Akn was also able to grant them eternality.  You have probably not heard that term used before, as we don’t often use this expression.  Eternality is a lot like immortality, but immortality is tied to your physical vessel.  It immortalizes that vessel and makes it permanent.  Eternality is the immortality of the soul.  This means that you can change your physical vessel to whatever you want it to be, but your soul remains the same.  It doesn’t cycle through life cycles as it normally would.  It stays whole and permanent, allowing you to grow in knowledge, magic, and spiritual evolution.  This included the acquisition and development of whatever type of magic and/or knowledge that they wanted. 


    Akn soon realized that what he was doing probably wasn't for the betterment of humankind, because most of them just weren’t quite smart enough to handle what he was offering.  So, he stopped sharing this knowledge freely and hid it within the pyramids and also within the Sphinx.  The last pharaoh that he personally shared his wisdom with was the boy king, Tut.  Tut was in dire need of help at the age of nine when he took over the role of Pharaoh.  Akn helped him and taught him how to be strong.  Tut was frail.  He was disabled, malarial, and inbred.  He needed the knowledge and magic necessary to rule the Egyptian kingdom, which Akn gave him.  Tut ruled for about ten years before he “died” at the age of 19.  


    I’ll let you put the pieces of the puzzle together to determine what happened with Tut.  It’s pretty obvious, though.  He was the last to whom Akn revealed himself, although he did allow this piece to be created for future generations.  If they were smart enough to be able to unlock the power in the scarab, then they’d be rewarded with his presence and the same magic that he had shared with the ancient Egyptians.  


    When you own this piece, your presence of Akn will awaken and will be revealed to you.  Your human body will be a blank canvas for this life form to write on.  He will travel back and forth as he did in days of old.  This will allow you to experience an evolution.  Your body will be in a constantly changing state where you will be able to learn new magic and wisdom constantly through a bond that you will develop with Akn.  This will help you manifest divinity and anything else that you want to manifest.  It is unlimited, as Akn’s understanding of magic is infinite and unlimited.       

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