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Ancient and Passed Down.

Ancient and Passed Down.

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For many of our customers, they crave those types of magic that are ancient and extremely powerful. They are the types of powers that usually go along with a very intricate story of things that go bump in the night. They crave the mysterious magic that goes into the making of the items themselves. They want a bond to a force of power that will drive them over the edge in the quest for magical dominion. If this sounds like the type of magic that you are into then this magic is for you. There are more than one of these items and they were all made by the same coven of witches that live in the thick of the woods at the center of Bialowieza Forest.The forest is the oldest one and the densest forest in Europe.

During the European witch trials, it seems like every other day people were dropping like flies on the whim of accusers who would take oath and say that this person or that person were making pacts with the devil and practicing dark art forms. These people would suffer violent ends at the hands of parishioners who would take up lamps and pitchforks and burn the accused at the stake, often without a fair trial. This is the reason why the coven of witches from whom we got these pieces rescinded to the Bialowieza Forest. I'll admit, it's not every day that you hear of a Polish witch, but the truth is that these witches weren't Polish by birth. They were English and French and German and Spanish. They were refugees that sought protection in the depths of a forest so dense that it is still the densest forest standing to date.

The news of the coven grew and more and more witches showed up to the Bialowieza Forest to join forces with the witches that sought refuge. Normal citizens dare not enter the forest for fear of the powers of the witches, but also of getting lost in the forest or getting torn to shreds by the animals and other creatures that dwelt there. Thus, the witches were safe to practice their magic. And for the record, none of them were making pacts with the devil. Most of the magic that is practiced by the coven is white magic, sometimes dual. However, there are no deals with the devil being made, of this you can be certain. This piece can be worn by both male and female. However what is inside was both cast and conjured by a male witch. This one in particular was dual because it’s all he believed in. I understand that because that is what most humans are, so it makes sense. Many of the castings and ways of conjuring were passed down for 100’s of years. All of those have been placed into this piece. While both sexes can use this it does hold a male energy. This carries everything and anything as this male witch was a doctor of life to others. If they needed help with love, sickness, money or anything, he could and did help them. He was also not straight. So if that’s a problem then you might not want this because like I said the energy is there. The energy is very good, happy, helpful, caring and peaceful

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