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This is the woman and she is steeped in the oldest magic around, the Asian magical world. She has been to the underground pyramid surrounded by Mercury, a most magical place. Her counterpart which will also go on has been there too. Before doing that Adita looked into her history and ancient abilities. This is a living piece. A living piece is always one of the best as it’s not only natural but the magic is of the old ways.

When you look at her you see the baby which is not just for fertility but fertility in magic and creation. Creation of what you want is really what it’s about. You will need to make an offering of either, oranges, incense, garlic or coins to have her bond with you. The baby also represents the fact that she can come to life, out of the vessel. She can take on a form or speak to you psychically. She has access to history going very far back to ancient times and can allow you to see your past life. She makes no judgement as she knows the past is the past but will help you get through it to become a mage in this life with total recall. She can create all creatures because she’s really not creating them but pulling them from their slumber or void for use again. Adita tested her on little and big things. For example, dragons, watchers, starmen, timeless ones, shadow people, Djin and holy entities. For fertility all you do is ask for it specifically and then relax. The knowledge she gives you also includes ancient ritual energy which isn’t allowed today, there are laws on that sort of thing. While the way some were preformed was barbarism the energy will always remain BECAUSE of HOW it was done. When the mind breaks it is also open and free to accept what most can never see. That is what you have here, a living one, a mind piece. I will copy this description but add about the male in the next listing as he is different in some ways. This piece as is the male is an antique in phenomenal condition! This will be the centerpiece of your magical items.

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