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Ancient Zodiac Wizard

Ancient Zodiac Wizard

SKU: 22521069


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This piece is one of those cool little Asian coy fish pendants.  This particular pendant is sterling silver and gold-filled.  It also happens to be an antique.  It also happens to be imbued with some very powerful magic.  That is because this little fish is a fetish piece.  It is a vessel that holds the spirit of an ancient sorcerer who we call Yan-yan.  We aren't sure if that is the right spelling for the name, but we made contact with the old soul and asked him what his name was and that is how it came out, so that is how we spell it.  

Yan-yan is an ancient Oriental and Zodiacal wizard.  He achieved immortality in times before China was even an empire.  He predates the 8 Happy Immortals and the power that he has is all-encompassing.  This is due to the fact that he has the ability to open Zodiac Gates.  If you don't know what the means, I will elaborate.  Each zodiac constellation is really a gate to an abundant source of energy that is found in a parallel dimension.  Different energies combined in different amounts together create different powers or abilities.  It's kind of like playing Little Alchemy, except it's real life and instead of creating new elements, you are creating magical powers.

It has taken Yan-yan thousands of years to master his ingredients to get everything just right, but he has recipes for thousands of powers, forms of magic, magical abilities, spells, etc.  The fish acts as a physical familiar that will tie you to the immortal wizard, Yan-yan.  When you meditate with this piece you will be able to communicate with him via telepathic vibes.  You will tell him what power/metaphysical skill/magical ability you want.  Yan-yan will travel to the Zodiac where he will open the necessary gates to create the necessary cocktail of energy to deliver you what you have asked for.  It's that simple, but yet that powerful.  

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