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Angelic Box of Manifestations

Angelic Box of Manifestations

SKU: 5262133

This piece comes to you directly from the Ark of the Covenant.  The piece is large and is ceramic.  We did not travel to the Ark of the Covenant and honestly, I know what you are thinking.  "This piece isn't nearly old enough to have come from the Ark of the Covenant.  Okay, fair-- but aspects of this piece have come from the Ark of the Covenant.  Allow me to explain.  

Secret societies were formed as early as humanity was booted out of the garden of Eden.  After Cain slew Abel in the field, his descendants made a pact never to let something like that happen again.  They were blessed with the Mark of Cain and anybody who did them any harm would experience is sevenfold.  In this way, the tragedy of the death of Abel was transformed into a blessing.  

The group-- called Cains of the New Covenant, was given a small amount of the very soil that God used to create Adam.  This is the soil that he breathed life into.  Up until now, the soil was always kept as it was, stored in the Ark for safe keeping.  The soil has since gone into creating this beautiful ceramic dish.  This dish has the ability to summon any angel for its powers, abilities, or knowledge.  It does not matter what angel you ask to grant magic for you-- you can use this piece to summon the powers of any specific angel you desire.  Just as God formed Adam, the angels will form your request.

Special instructions on using this piece will be given upon purchase and request.
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