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Angelic Conquest:  Every Angel.  Every Power.

Angelic Conquest: Every Angel. Every Power.

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So this piece is excessively powerful.  We got this piece when we went on an astral journey to the Ark of the Covenant.  We had a piece that we have since sold that allowed us to do that.  I don't remember who bought that piece, but I'm sure whoever it ended up with it is having the time of their life.  That's because the Ark of the Covenant is a physical place, but it is also just as much a spiritual place as it is physical.  It's just like a physical body that has a soul.  Our souls are in a constant state of evolution and change.  The same holds for the Ark of the Covenant that was built by the hand of God, not to not only be a place to store his magic, but also a place that is a living organism that could perfect and/or grow his magic over time.  

This is a piece that was found in the Ark of the Covenant on our very last journey there.  Now, we don't know how long this piece has been there.  We don't know if this is a piece that was made by one of God's prophets and then He ordered them to place this piece inside of the Ark, or if somebody came along to drop this on the Ark of their own free will.  The simple version is that we went to the Ark, we saw this piece, we felt the incredible powers that come along with it and we took it.  We weren't about to leave it, simply because this piece is so powerful.  I mean, that's our whole job as investigators.  We investigate.  If we encounter pieces of magical power, then we capitalize.  

This piece is real amber.  We just offered a real amber piece that other night that was infused with Christ's blood.  What most people do not understand is that amber is a good carrier stone.  That means it is good at absorbing and storing energies.  This particular amber piece has literally stored the spiritual essence of every single angel created by God.  While we don't know how this piece has gotten here, we do know that it was touched by the hand of God.  That is how it has acquired all of its power.  I could go on and on about this piece, but I'll just cut to the chase.  It's extremely powerful because along with the essence of every angel ever created by God, this piece also holds the ability to connect to each of these presences to gain the magic of each of these angels  

To be clear, I'm talking about every angel.  Every low-ranking angel, every high-ranking angel, the angel of death, the angel of life, the angel of the tree of knowledge, the angel of the Garden of Eden, every archangel,  every throne angel, the angels that ride upon the four horses of the apocalypse, the angels that guard the white light crystal pyramid, the angels of the Tabernacle, the cherubim that guard the Ark of the Covenant, the messenger angels that deliver holy prophecy, the miracle angels that carry God's own miracles to Earth, and so forth.  This piece holds the essence and the presence of each one of those angels.  When using this piece you gain the ability to harbor their powers, their magic, their knowledge, their abilities, their everything.  You will call the angel's powers forth in one of two ways.  Either you will use the name of the angel whose energies you want to access or you will simply call forth the energies that you want and this piece will send forward the right angelic presence for the job.

Again this piece has been made with real jade.
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