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Angelic Drippings: The Great Whitel Light Pyramid Lives Within

Angelic Drippings: The Great Whitel Light Pyramid Lives Within

SKU: 672152


We call this piece Angelic Drippings.  It has been charged in the pyramid in Heaven.  We have always told you about the pyramid in Heaven and how traveling to the pyramid in Heaven can change your life entirely, not just in the physical aspect, but also spiritual.  

We had an idea for those of you who cannot astral travel or would prefer not to.  Instead of you traveling to the pyramid, this piece brings the pyramid to you.  This beautiful necklace holds white light angelic drippings of power.  When you wear the necklace these dripping are going to recharge your energy and recharge your soul.  They will plant the seed of the Great White Light pyramid inside of you.  

The result is that the Great White Light Pyramid will be reborn within you.  Of course, this doesn't mean physically, but spiritually.  This piece allows the knowledge and power and magic of the white light pyramid to grow within you.  It will be replicated, but it will be replicated slowly, because (for one) it is a ton of knowledge, and (two) it could damage your mind.  

However, the process is amazing.  This piece takes about three weeks to fully start working after you begin wearing it, but once the seed is sown, you no longer have to wear the piece.  The seed will continue to grow.  You will be able to search the white light pyramid, from within yourself, for the powers and magic that you want to manifest into real life.  Each day will bring new white light knowledge and power that you will be able to access.  
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