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Angelic Planet

Angelic Planet

SKU: 5262101


This is a costume piece, but it is the most gorgeous costume piece that you will ever see in your life!  Not only is this piece absolutely stunning, but it also holds amazing powers as well.  Remember that television station Animal Planet?  Well, that's sort of what this is, except it's Angelic Planet.  You just can't watch it on television.  However, what you can do with this piece is even better.  

This piece is a token.  This token grants you exclusive access to a place that we call the Angelic Planet.  The Angelic Planet is literally that.  It is a planet-- somewhere in the universe-- that was created to house angels.  You might say, "Well I thought Heaven was for angels?"  It is.  "The Garden of Eden?"  Yep, that place too.  The truth is that I have no idea why God created an entire planet full of angelic beings, but he did and we have access to it!

When you meditate with this piece, the energies within will permeate your mind.  You will rise to high elevations of mortality.  You will be able to cross the threshold in this ultra-spiritual realm that we call the Angelic Planet.  In this realm, you will experience a transposition into an angelic being.  Now you might be wondering what magical powers you will have.  The answer to that is very clear-- ALL OF THEM!!

The angels of Angelic Planet are connected to a white light web of knowledge and information that exists within their minds like a plasma.  You will also be connected to this web and you will be able to store magic from this web into this piece that way when you come back from your transposition you will be able to use these powers.  Literally, you will have access to any white light power that you want, as long as it exists on the web.  I can tell you from experience there must be millions of powers and abilities on the web.  All you have to do to bring one up is reflect upon it during meditation and it will be brought to you.  Subsequently, you can store it in your piece and you will be able to access the ability or power whenever you choose.
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