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Angelic Swimmers

Angelic Swimmers

SKU: 2132261


Unfortunately, we have to put this before each of the listings. We have customers that are new and are not on our mailing list. We have customers inquiring, so we just wanted to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

If you are ordering a carnival or 38.00 we have many of them. You may or may not get what’s in the picture. If you are buying from any of our four websites from the years from 2019 and below please ask if we have the item you are looking at. We hired a donkey-jaw and he mixed stuff up. I caught one today where the lady paid almost 300 and the picture showed costume jewelry. The actual item was sterling silver. I contacted her as I will if more of these issues come up. Thank you for understanding.

Dee Dee.

When I astral traveled to Heaven the other day I was watching one of the archangels birth newer angels. God had given them the order to do this and I watched intently. When they were being formed they looked like these little white tadpoles that swam around within the vessel they were being created. I got permission to take one in order to make this piece. Granted, the tadpole creatures were just energetic forms, so I was able to put the tadpole into this piece. It allows you to birth your own angel. You will get to name it. You will also to select up to three powers it will have that it can give you. E.g., Love magic, protection magic, psychic magic, healing magic, etc.

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