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Anthony’s Ring With Connection

Anthony’s Ring With Connection

SKU: 3252404


This ring is sterling silver with a mirror type stone. All the information is in the video which is on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. To give you some quick information I met with him a few days ago as he needed to do an email for someone and I had some things for him. The ring allows a full telepathic connection to him. It also allows you to see as if you were living his past including his thoughts. You can also see what he’s doing now. This does bring immortality because you can experience it and it’s up to you if you take it. You don’t have to but it’s there because it’s part of his life. You can also tap into the abilities and supernatural power that he has with out immortality if you want to. The ring is extremely easy to use because I would consider it a living piece since you can connect with him. Also the pictures in the video are of the women that done wanted him to marry. Her father is also represented as are others that were in her family. The little people were born like that and in the one photo where they are surrounded others is because that group is not a good one but still part of that circle. The ring has been worn by him for about 12 years.

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