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Antique Bracelet of Japanese Gods

Antique Bracelet of Japanese Gods

SKU: 1232320

The Bracelet of the Japanese gods.

This bracelet is an antique and I believe the pictures are on ivory. The metal is 800 sterling silver or more. This bracelet holds very important Japanese Gods and Goddesses. They are listed below.

Yebisu is the Japanese god of fortune. His life didn’t start out easy and he was deformed. He was cast into a river at three but made it to land. He is one of the Gods of fortune, extreme wealth and he’s also for farmers and fishermen. This is the best god of fortune for you because his life was rough in the beginning. This is why he can relate and give so freely.

The next one is Amaterasu. This one is female and often called the Queen of Heaven. Many Japanese royalty say they have a direct bloodline to her and often call her the Goddess of the Rising Sun, either name will do. She brings happiness and purity in life along with prosperity and protection. Her main thing is pure happiness and family while extending divine knowledge.

Next up is Benzaiten, this female Goddess is one of the only females to be in the 7 Gods of fortune. She is extremely beautiful and passes that on to you, if you’re a man, it’s good looks. If you are a woman it’s extreme beauty. Both get extreme wealth. Along with that her gifts are creativity, dancing and calling other Gods for you.

All reside inside this antique bracelet. This is one of a kind!

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