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Antique Pagan Golden Abundance

Antique Pagan Golden Abundance

SKU: 972112


This piece is sterling silver with a green stone.

We've been putting on a bunch of money/wealth items on lately and a bunch of material wealth items, as well. This is because, for now, the means of wealth is still money and material. In the not so distant future, wealth will be something entirely different- We will be going back to the basics. Food, ammunition, and a place to lie will all be considered wealth and luxury. However, we believe that we should offer as many wealth items as we can, so that way while you still can you can use this monetary wealth to acquire the things that I just told you about. This way, when the "Apolcalypse" happens, you wil be prepared enouch to hold your own for you and you family.

This piece holds an ancient Pagan wealth spell that was forged into a gold coin in Roman times. The gold coin dates back to the time of Constantine the Great. it was found not too long ago at a viking longhouse. However, solid gold coins were not viking. They were Roman and held ancient Pagan spells for wealth and abundance. We were sent one of the coins on the downlow to test it out, specifically to see if it was empowered. We've sent the gold coin back, but not before transfering the ancient Pagan wealth magic into this piece.

This piece will bring monetary wealth, but aove that it will bring abundance aso and not just abundance in wealth, but abundance in all things, in all areas of your life-- magic, love, wealth, etc. this piece has been tested extensively, as it took a bit to awaken the magic because of how old and powerful it actually is. All you will have to do is wear the piece andt he powers and abilities will beome yours.

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